Range and Foothills Seed Mix

  • A premium seed mix at a bargain price
  • Establishes and persists in dense, poor soils
  • Tolerates moderate pH
  • Good year-round grazing and winter browse
  • Use in foothills, rangelends, sagebrush steppe, badlands
  • Time-tested, proven performers
  • Sold in 20 pound bags

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Quantity is per pound. Example: 1 = 1 lb, 2 = 2 lbs, 3 = 3lbs, etc. This is pure seed, not a live plant.

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Map of Cabin Seed Mix Distribution Area
Cabin Seed Mix Distribution Area

Min. to Max. Annual Precipitation


Average Max. Height

Range and Foothills Seed Mix is a mix for transition zones, foothills, plains and valleys. Suitable in most areas west of the Mississippi river. Excels in the Basin and Range province and high desert plains and plateaus off the Intermountain West. This is considered a dryland mix where it is excellent for cover, feed, erosion control, reclamation, and in a less the ideal soil or precipitation. Excellent winter forage.

Range and Foothills Seed Mix provides our customers with a premium quality mix at a bargain price. This is an overage from a custom seed mix and is available to you at a reduced price. This product has limited availability, the sale is limited to the stock on hand.

Range and Foothills Seed Mix works well in the transition zones, foothills, plains and valleys of the most areas west of the Grasslands. It is adapted to areas for 2,000 – 8,000 feet in most geographic areas west of the Mississippi River. Will perform very well in the Basin and Range province and the high deserts of the Intermountain West. It will work especially well in arid or areas with poor soils. This mix will tolerate moderately saline or alkaline (high pH) soils. The species in this mix are all proven performers. All species are perennials.

Range and Foothills Seed Mix is excellent where cover and feed are desired in less than ideal soil or precipitation conditions. This is considered a dryland mix. All species are good for grazing and winter browse. This mix is good for wildlife habitat improvement. The high percentage of Immigrant Forage Kochia will result in excellent winter forage.

Range and Foothills Seed Mix is an excellent choice for erosion control and reclamation of disturbed areas. It is suited a wide range of soil types.

Rangeland and Foothills Seed Mix

Percent in MixSpecies
Scientific Name (link)
40%Immigrant Forage KochiaImmigrant Forage Kochia
12%Slender WheatgrassElymus trachycaulus
12%Intermediate WheatgrassRush Intermediate Wheatgrass
12%Vavilov Siberian WheatgrassVavilov Siberian Wheatgrass
10%Dahurian WildryeDahurian Wildrye
10%Bandito Intermediate RygerassBandito II Intermediate Ryegrass
4%Annual RyegrassFria Annual Ryegrass


Application methods and rates:

This mix can be broadcast or drilled. If the broadcast method is used, scarify or “break-up” the soil surface to ensure a good seed bed. This can be done with something as simple as a hard tooth rake. Any method will work as long as the surface crust is broken. Seed can be broadcast by hand. A small fertilizer spreader also works well.

If a drill is used, plant NO DEEPER THAN .25″. Germination failure will likely occur if seeds are sown deeper than .25″.

Chances of a successful establishment can be increased if the site is rolled or “packed” after the seed is sown, but it is not required.

Broadcast method:  20 pounds per acre
Drill method: 15 pounds per acre

This product is sold in 20 pound bags.

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