Jason Stevens: Owner   |  jason@haystackmtn.com

While working alongside Lloyd at Maple Leaf, Jason started Great Basin Seed in 2004 as an independent business venture. In 2015 siblings Jason, Eric and Heidi purchased Maple Leaf from Lloyd and merged the efforts and resources of both companies. Jason graduated from Utah State University with a BA in 1997. His roles include government sales, corporate sales, production contracts, internet sales, advertising and marketing, grower contracts and native seed collection efforts. Never satisfied with the status quo, he keeps things interesting with new ideas and ventures. When not at work he enjoys floating rivers, hiking, rock climbing, camping, hunting, shooting sports, exploring and world travel. His greatest joys in life are his wife and children.

Eric “Zeke” Stevens: Owner  | zekehh1@gmail.com

With a background in mechanics and construction, “Zeke” manages day-to-day operations, facilities and production lines, construction and expansion projects, and our fleet. He maintains grower relations and a network of dealers. He manages truckload freight and during harvest season is found in the combine cutting grain. Hobbies include hunting, shed hunting, fishing, shooting and the outdoors. He and his wife Lydia have four daughters and a son who also loves the outdoors. Eric is a dedicated public servant. He has been an active member of the Ephraim Fire Dept for twenty two years and the Sanpete County Search and Rescue for ten years.

Heidi Stevens: Owner  |  heidi@haystackmtn.com

As a child Heidi swept the warehouse at Maple Leaf Seed and cleaned the offices. She graduated from Snow College with a degree in business management in 1998 and started working full time at Maple Leaf managing billing and invoices. She bought Maple Leaf with her three siblings in 2015 and still manages payables and receivables. Other roles include LTL freight, payroll, and office management. Heidi has an affable personality and enjoys talking to people. She loves summer and enjoys hiking and movies. She is dog and cat lover and manages the “feline rodent control system” in the office and warehouses.

Lloyd Stevens: Founder  |  snowman@haystackmtn.com

Our journey in the seed industry started with Lloyd. He started Maple Leaf Seed Company in 1974 with a few small bags of seed and a dream. He turned it into a thriving, influential and competitive business. Maple Leaf was highly influential during the CRP days of the early 80’s (see page 22). Under the influence of his opportunistic eye, gregarious nature and entrepreneuring spirit Maple Leaf has been a major contributor in agriculture, disturbed land reclamation and fire rehabilitation in the western USA for 45 years. He sold Maple Leaf to Jason, Eric and Heidi in 2015 and they combined Great Basin Seed and Maple Leaf into one business. Lloyd is enjoying partial retirement and still comes into the office to do business with his friends and share his talents with us. He is truly one of the godfathers of the native seed industry.

Ky Banta: Operations /Supervisor |  ky@haystackmtn.com

Ky oversees day-to-day operations including all cleaning, processing, packaging, mixing and personnel. He also serves a growing list of wholesale clients. Ky started as a part-time employee during high school. His 15 years of experience has been a great asset in maintaining a highly functional operation. Ky and his wife Shayna live in Ephraim with their boxer dog Jersey. He loves the outdoors. His hobbies include motorsports and guns.

Mary Simmons: Sales Representative  |  mary@haystackmtn.com

Mary Simmons was born and raised in a small town in Central Utah. As a child she dreamed of being involved in agriculture. Mary is balancing her career as a salesman at Great Basin Seed and continues her education in agriculture. She runs her own small farm, trains horses, and loves spending time with family and friends. She is positive, outgoing, full of new ideas, and sharp as a tack.

Alyssa Olsen: Receptionist, Mail & Web Order Fulfillment  |  alyssa@haystackmtn.com

Alyssa was born and raised on a ranch in northern Utah. She married a local farmer/rancher from Ephraim where they reside with their identical twin girls. They enjoy agriculture as much as mom and dad do. Alyssa enjoys riding horses, painting and spending time in the mountains with family and friends.

Denver Ross: Crew Foreman, Daily Operations

Denver is foreman of our “yard” crew and leads our great employees who get your orders picked, mixed and shipped. He is the man running the machinery that makes it all come together. He is super efficient and gets things done quickly, resulting in the short turnaround time on orders. He is an avid outdoorsman and spends most of his free time in the mountains.

Kaytlynn Ransom: Marketing, Web Developer

As her first major website client, Kaytlynn helped GBS manage their websites and online presence as an independent developer. In 2017 she became a full-time employee. She manages all tech related matters and oversees our marketing, advertising and design, including this catalog design. Kaytlynn works remotely from her home in Ogden, UT. She enjoys traveling, painting, and spending time with her husband T.R. and her dog.

Noah Stevens: Marketing, Filmmaking & Photography  |  noah@haystackmtn.com

Noah has worked at “the family business” on and off for his whole life. This year he was hired as a full-time content creator, specializing in cinematography, filmmaking, photography and graphic design. He oversees all of Great Basin’s social media profiles, works on the website, and designs product packaging. He loves spending time outdoors rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, longboarding, and playing Spikeball.