We’ve been supporting a network of dealerships with wholesale pricing since the 1970’s. Our business relies heavily on the grass-roots retailers in your area. We can’t be everywhere, but everyone has a favorite local implement or hardware store, farm and ranch supplier, Ag center or co-op. We support and applaud the local businesses of America, and encourage you to contact us to inquire about how we can help you.

New dealership locations are approved based on a number of criteria. Proximity to existing dealer locations, your geography, the agricultural needs of your area, your business model, facilities and sales are all considerations.

If you are interested in becoming a Great Basin Seed dealer please give us a call!


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Interested in stocking our products in your retail space?

Behind our direct-to-consumer website is a robust wholesale company with five decades of distribution experience. We cater to a host of co-ops, farm and ranch stores, Ag centers and other business all across the country. We offer wholesale accounts to established business owners in the industry. We offer custom packaging solutions and branding, too!


Located between TWO interstate freeways


Four decades of order fulfillment experience


Advanced cleaning and conditioning facilities


Storage capacity for extensive inventory


Custom packaging, branding and order fulfilment


Sales associates and professionals at your disposal.

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