The Native Seed Supply Chain

“Native Seeds: Supplying Restoration” is a nine-part video series that explores the native seed supply chain in the western United States. Filmed over four seasons, this series weaves together footage of seed collectors, farmers, researchers, and land managers working to scale up the supply of native seeds to meet the growing restoration demand. We see the staggering scale of damage to vast landscapes and meet tenacious people who are finding creative, scrappy solutions to restore ecosystems.

Brought to you by the International Network for Seed-Based Restoration. Learn more about the INSR here. 

Episode 1

Episode 1: Introduction

A 12 minute introduction to the series

Episode 2

Episode 2: Planning

The planning process of Native Seed restoration

Episode 3

Episode 3: Collection

Episode 4

Episode 4: Production

Episode 5

Episode 5: Pollination

Episode 6

Episode 6: Cleaning and Storage

Episode 7

Episode 7: Testing and Certification

Episode 8

Episode 8: Treatments and Technologies

Episode 9

Episode 9: Seeding and Planting