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horses in a field of dryland pasture mix

Dryland Pasture Seed Mix


Designed for farm, ranch and range with no irrigation. Use in areas with 11-13 in. of annual precip. or sprinkler/flood irrigation is present. Excellent…

Irrigated Pasture Seed Mix

Irrigated Pasture Seed Mix


Our top-selling livestock pasture mix. Performs best with sprinkler irrigation and survives 16-18′′ annual precipitation without irrigation. Mid-Maturing…

Irrigated Pasture Seed Mix

All Purpose Pasture Grass Mix


A cost-effective pasture mixture for all livestock and applications. Excels in areas with 16″ or more annual rainfall or with supplemental irrigation.…

Horse standing on the beautiful green Horse Pasture Mix

Horse Pasture Seed Mix


Made specifically for horses to provide pasture and hay Blended specifically for horse pasture and hay Also good for cattle Performs best under sprinkler…

Cabin Seed Mix


Our Cabin Seed mix is for Intermountain West mountain cabin sites, road cuts, and disturbed areas above 7,000′. Suitable for 16" annual precipitation.

tall green flowy pasture field, Rapid Establishment Irrigated Pasture Mix

Rapid Establishment Irrigated Pasture Mix


Ideal for quickly establishing summer crops that produce immediate hay and/or grazing. Consists of varieties that provide long lasting quality forage.…

Salt & Alkali Soils Pasture Mix planted in vegetated area near mountains

Salt & Alkali Soils Pasture Mix


Use this mix to turn challenging salt and alkali soil into usable pasture. Typically found in the West's desert valleys, lowlands, and marshy margins.

cows standing on Great Plains Pasture Mix pasture

Great Plains Pasture Mix


High-quality, highly palatable forage grasses for the Great Plains. Ideal for cattle and horses. It produces high yields with little to no irrigation.…

Economy Dryland Pasture Mix


Pasture mix with affordable yet effective species designed for quick results on minimal water. Mix establishes best with 12-13″ annual precipitation.

cows grazing Meadow Brome plants in valley pasture near mountains, scientific name bromus biebersteinii

Great Basin Economy Pasture Mix


Economical but effective Widely adapted Needs 16″ annual precip or irrigation Use for hay or pasture This product has a minimum order quantity of 25…

Alpaca and Llama Pasture Seed

Alpaca and Llama Pasture Seed


Species selected for Alpacas & Llamas Well suited to grazing Dense, soft leaves Adapted to a broad geographic range

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The Kitchen Sink Pasture Mix


A premium seed mix at a bargain price Similar to our Irrigated Pasture Mix Sow and water same as Irrigated Pasture Mix Time-tested, proven performers…

athletic turf mix

Athletic Turf Mix


Requires irrigation in most climates Moderately heat tolerant Tolerates heavy traffic Available in 5 pound increments


Western Foothills Saline & Sodic Soils Seed Mix


Ideal for Western Foothills Suited to elevations 2,500' - 6,000' Tolerates pH and sodic/salty soils Competes with weeds Excellent for erosion control…

Pasture Mix, Pasture Grass

Pasture Bottoms and Clay Soils Pasture Mix


Excellent for pasture bottoms Adapted to dense, clay soils Does well in "sumpy" soils Seasonally wet areas Seasonal sub-water Sale limited to stock on…

cow standing in pasture field, Economy Irrigated Pasture Mix

Economy Irrigated Pasture Mix


Economical and effective Effective, fast establishing Quick results without breaking the bank Proven, effective species Establish on sites with 13" or…

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Pasture Mix, Pasture Grass

Box Elder Dryland Mix


For droughty areas of the Western United States Sow in well drained soils Will tolerate some pH and salt Excellent for erosion control Available in 20…

seeding after a fire

Carlton Fire Seed Mixes


Specialty mixes designed for post-fire planting 15 pound minimum order

Out of stock
brown/golden grass with different type of bushes and tree

Range and Foothills Seed Mix


A premium seed mix at a bargain price Establishes and persists in dense, poor soils Tolerates moderate pH Good year-round grazing and winter browse Use…

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Orchardgrass, Dactylis glomerata, Benchmark Plus Orchardgrass, Crown Royal Orchardgrass, Pawnee Orchardgrass, Blizzard Orchardgrass, Quickdraw Orchardgrass

Pasture Buster


Economical but effective Widely adapted Needs 16" annual precip or irrigation Use for hay or pasture This product has a minimum order quantity of 25…

Dryland Pasture Seed Mix 10 lb. bag


Available in 10 lb bags Covers .5 acre Excellent for grazing Can be cut and bailed where water is sufficient Will compete with weeds Click here to buy…

pig and hog pasture mix

Pig and Hog Pasture Mix


A mix of clovers, alfalfa and grasses Designed for the foraging characteristics of pigs Full-season forging

Chicken Pasture Mix, Chicken living on an organic farm

Chicken Pasture Mix


Excellent Chicken Forage Legume's/Forbes Nutrient Dense Low Growing Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Out of stock
green pointy leaves with tree tall trunk, Wolf Creek Aspen Community Seed Mix

Wolf Creek Aspen Community Seed Mix


Formulated in cooperation with Wolf Creek ranch in Kamas, Utah Prescribed for the mountain cabin sites and parks in the upper Provo River basin, greater…

erosion control pasture mix

Erosion Control Pasture Mix


Drought Tolerant Native and Introduced Species Excellent for Erosion Control Can be Used as Pasture for Livestock

Out of stock
field of Dryland pasture seed mix

Salaradus Pasture Mix


Designed for high pH areas Requires irrigation in most areas Excellent forage and pasture Combination of legumes, grasses & cover crops Minimum order…

Lawn and Turf Blend (5 lb. Bag)

Lawn and Turf Seed Mix


Available in three convenient sizes 5 lb., 10 lb. and 25 lb. cotton muslin bags Site prep and sowing instructions included 70% Kentucky Bluegrass, 30%…

Custom dryland pasture mix in Southern Idaho

Custom Seed Mixes

Mixed to customer specifications Tailor-made to your needs and climate Minimum quantities apply Call for a quote and free consultation


Mountain Pass Grass Mixture


Suited to high elevation sites of the west For mountain meadows, passes and valleys Drought resistant, cool-season species Deep rooted and hardy Good…

Santa Fe Trail Mix, Blue Grama, Galleta, Indian Ricegrass, Western Wheatgrass

Santa Fe Trail Mixture


Suited to a broad ecotype Native grasses from the prairies Excellent for forage and feed Drought tolerant For up to 8,000' elevation

Irrigated Pasture Seed Mix

Irrigated Pasture Seed Mix (Available in 10, 25, and 45 lb Cotton Bags)


Available in 10, 25 and 45 lb. bags 10 lbs = .5 acre 25 lbs = 1 acre 45 lbs = 2 acres Click here to buy by-the-pound  

Homesteader’s Choice Grass Mixture


For prairie lands of the USA from 3-6,000' Suitable from Canada to Mexican Border States Naturally occurring native grasses Excellent for wildlife and…

Pioneer Pride, Cattle

Pioneer Pride Grass Mixture


Our low elevation prairie mix Intended for sites between 4,000 and 5’000′ elevation Mixture of native grasses Adapted to the prairies of America…

CRP Seed Mix, Native Seed for CRP, CRP Native Seed, CRP Seed Mixes, Seed for Conservation Reserve, NRCS Seed Mixes, FSA Seed Mixes

CRP Seed Mixes

CRP mixes are custom blended to meet the specifications of each project. There is no standard blend, and as such, CRP mixes cannot be ordered on the…

Close up photo Dryland Pasture Seed Mix

Build Your Own Dryland Pasture Mix

From: $354.00

Choose your own ratios for a custom dryland seed mix! All varieties are our hand picked selections for farm, ranch and range sites with no irrigation. Use…


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