Box Elder Dryland Mix

  • For droughty areas of the Western United States
  • Sow in well drained soils
  • Will tolerate some pH and salt
  • Excellent for erosion control
  • Available in 20 pound bags (increments of 20 pounds)
  • Availability limited to stock on hand

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The Box Elder Seed mix is designed for droughty areas of the Western United States. It will perform in silty and moderate clay soils but performs best in well drained soils. It will tolerate some pH and salt. It can be grazed. In areas of 12″ or less annual precipitation careful grazing rotation will prevent overgrazing. This mix is an excellent choice for erosion control in non-irrigated areas. It can be used anywhere our Premium Dryland Pasture Mix is used. It is similar to our Dryland Pasture Mix but has a higher percentage of legumes and forbs.

The presence of Immigrant Forage Kochia ads a premium element and rounds out the useful grazing seasons out by offering excellent winter forage.

Under moderate irrigation Box Elder Dryland Mix can be cut and baled. This is not a standard inventory item. Availability is limited to stock on hand.

  • 28% Shoshone Sainfoin
  • 25% Small Burnet
  • 20% Intermediate Wheatgrass
  • 10% Smooth Brome
  • 10% Hycrest Crested Wheatgrass
  • 4.5% Ladak II Alfalfa
  • 2.5% Immigrant Forage Kochia

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