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Needle & Threadgrass "bails" after custom field collection in a native southern utah stand.


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Great Basin Seed has a proud heritage in the Intermountain West seed industry. Our family lineage and business heritage are directly linked to the beginnings of reclamation, revegetation and wildlife habitat improvement.


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Our Cabin Seed mix was designed for mountain cabin sites, road cuts or other areas of disturbance in the mountains of the Intermountain West. It performs best at altitude 7,000′ and above. It will grow in most areas with 16 inches of annual precipitation.

Consider our Cabin Seed mix for seeding the following applications:

  • Road Cuts
  • Construction Disturbance
  • Septic System Lines
  • Water and Utility Lines
  • Power Lines
  • Water Wells
  • Foundation Disturbance
  • Clearing Wooded Areas

Cabin Seed Mix is best planted in late fall (Spetember-October) when seed will lay dormant until spring. Cabin mix may also be seeded in early spring to take advantage of spring moisture.

Seed should be planted no deeper than 1/4″. Broadcasting is the most common form of seed application and soil should be scarified with a harrow, rake or some other form of light disturbance.

Planting Rate:
16 lbs./acre drilled (1/4″ deep)
20 lbs./acre broadcast (1/4″ deep)

  • Winter Rye Grain
  • Perennial Ryegrass
  • Smooth Brome
  • Orchardgrass
  • Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Timothy
  • Red Clover

Recommended add-ons:

Cabin Seed Mix is commonly used in conjunction with our Mountain Wildflower Mix to reclaim and beautify construction sites in mountain park communities, resorts, villages and cabin areas. Also consider our Honey Bee Wildflower Mix to add additional color and promote pollination.

We can modify this seed mix to your liking. Other varieties may be better adapted to your site. Call 435.283.1411 and let us help you design something specific to your needs and desired outcome. Custom mixes are our forte and there are no additional charges. Some minimums may apply.

This product has a minimum purchase quantity of 10 pounds.



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1 review for Cabin Seed Mix

  1. kcshanna (verified owner)

    I thought I would try Cabin Seed at my Cabin on Kolob Mountain (September 8, 2017) and after 2 weeks I have grass popping up every where! Very excited for next Spring to see my Mountain lawn. I’m going to try the Wildflower mix next.

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