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Silvery Lupine (lupinus argenteus)

Silvery lupine is a lush, showy flower that blooms early summer. Flowers are usually blue/purple but colors will vary based on soil type, rainfall and habitat. They can range from pale white to blue to deep purple. Plants can grow as tall as 4 feet high.

Silvery Lupine is native to North America. It grows in a variety of habitats, precipitation zones, soil types and elevation zones occurring from the sagebrush steppe to sub alpine. Occurs mostly in full-sun areas but will tolerate partial shade.

An important legume for wildlife habitat, reclamation and residential wildflower mixes. A beautiful perennial frequently found in wildflower mixes.

Lupine contains toxic alkaloids that can be poisonous to livestock. The alkaloids are found predominantly in the seeds and seed pods and remain there even after drying.

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Common Name:

Silverleaf Lupine, Silvery Lupine

Scientific Name:

Native or Introduced:

Plant Type:

Plant Lifespan:

Seed Count

15,000 seeds/lb.

Growth Height:

Best Time to Sow:

Max Sowing Depth:

Minimum Precipitation:

Root Form:

Sun & Shade Tolerance:

Full Sun to Partial Shade

pH Tolerance:


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