CRP Seed Mixes

CRP mixes are custom blended to meet the specifications of each project. There is no standard blend, and as such, CRP mixes cannot be ordered on the website.

Visit with your NRCS agent to enroll in the program and establish a mix, then give us a call. The information below will familiarize you with the CRP program.


CRP Seed Mixes for The Conservation Reserve Program

The Conservation Reserve Program or “CRP” is a land conservation program administered by the Farm Service Agency. It administers CRP Seed Mixes and Native Seed Mixes for partners and private landowners to “set-aside” tracks of land for habitat, resource and watershed improvement and encourages farmers to convert marginal or sub-standard cropland into grass, shrub, and tree areas, fire break zones, riparian zones and improved vegetative cover.

To accomplish this goal, the CRP (generally administered at the ground-level through your local NRCS office) will help you determine what seed species are best suited to you conditions. Once the species are selected, percentages are calculated and the farmer obtains a quote from a seed vendor. Every Seed Mix is different and each tailored to a specific ecotype, precipitation zone, soil type and climate.

CRP Seed Mixes have been a Great Basin Seed specialty since the beginnings of the CRP. In the beginning years of the program we were mixing and shipping seed all across the west. Our facilities and business model were structured and built based on the premise that every customer has a specific and unique need…no two are the same. Custom jobs have always been at the core of our business.

Seed mixes prescribed by the CRP program are available from Great Basin Seeds in every shape and size. No job is too big nor too small. Every seed mix is tailored to your site requirements and your expecations. We will happily work with you to determine the cost of the seed mix recommended by your local FSA.

How do I get a price quote on my CRP Seed Mix?

Your FSA/NRCS agent will provide you with a seed “prescription” or formula. Simply send us a copy of the “prescription” and we can quote it for you. Use any of the following methods to contact us or send the information:

Office Phone: 435.283.1411
Fax: 435.283.6872


Conservation Reserve Mix
Conservation Reserve Seed Mix
Native Seed Mixes


Combine & Crested Wheatgrass

Above: In the early 1980’s we contracted with land owners in central Nevada to grow Crested Wheatgrass seed for CRP mixes. Crested Wheatgrass was (and still is) a critical component in CRP and range seed mixes used all over the west.

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