Prosper 3 Grain Forage Mixture


Prosper 3 Grain Forage Mixture is a “3-way” spring forage mixture of:

• spring Beardless Barley
• spring Beardless Wheat
• Oats

Quantity is per pound. Example: 1 = 1 lb, 2 = 2 lbs, 3 = 3lbs, etc. This is pure seed, not a live plant.


Product Description

Prosper™ 3 Grain Forage Mixture

Prosper 3 Grain Forage Mixture is a “3-way” forage mixture of:

• Beardless Barley
• Beardless Wheat
• Oats

What makes Prosper 3 Grain Forage Mixture so special? Planting a 3-grain mix is proven to be superior to single-species crops. Consider the following benefits:

Balanced Nutrition
Oats, barley and wheat each have their own spectrum of nutritional value. By themselves they are excellent forage. Put them together and you have a broad-spectrum, balanced nutrition pallet comprised of all thee species.

No Nitrate Poisoning
Nitrate poisoning is a very real concern when feeding straight triticale or oats. By blending oats, barley and wheat the risk is greatly diminished or eliminated altogether.

Excellent Palatability
Cattlemen report that livestock show a distinct preference for Prosper™ 3-Grain hay over other kinds of hay – even dairy alfalfa!

Stands Straight, Resists Lodging
Prosper™ 3-Grain blend stands up straight and tall and resists lodging. The combined characteristics of each species creates a stand of strong, upright stems.

Heavy in Grain
Prosper™ 3-Grain forage blend is heavy in grain content. Heavy, full bales result in better beef production and heavier cows.

Prosper™ 3 Grain forage blend is available from farm/ranch dealerships and co-ops in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Arizona.

**The pictures in the enclosed gallery are 2014 harvest of Fall Prosper planted in fall of 2013**

This product must be purchased in 50 pound increments (50 pound bags)