Magnum Oats

  • High yield
  • Forage Oat
  • Stands well
  • Extremely tall- up to 7 ft.
  • Wide dark green leaf
  • Smaller seeded
  • PVP variety
  • Not available for online purchase.
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Magnum oats are a very high-yield forage oat, often outyielding other forage oats by as much as 2 tons/acre. Magnum Oats stand out well and grow extremely tall, up to 7 ft., and have a very wide dark green leaf. Magnum is a smaller seeded variety thus enabling reduced seeding rates of 70-80 lbs/acre versus 100-120 lbs/acre for many other forage oats. Magnum is a PVP variety.

Oats are a component of our Prosper 3-Grain Forage Mixture, which can be found here and on

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