Merlin Max™ Triticale

  • Awnless (beardless)
  • Facultative triticale
  • Can be spring planted
  • Adapted or the Pacific Northwest
  • Great for silage and hay
  • Not available for online purchase.
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Quantity is per pound. Example: 1 = 1 lb, 2 = 2 lbs, 3 = 3lbs, etc. This is pure seed, not a live plant.


Merlin Max is a true awnless (beardless), high-performing facultative triticale. This product can be spring planted across the northern US or fall planted in CA and the southern US. Adapted or the pacific northwest can be used as a winter triticale depending upon location. Great for silage and hay.

Merlin Max is a TM of Northern Agri Brands, LLC.

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