Goldeneye Barley

  • Spring Barley
  • High yield potential
  • Low propensity for lodging
  • Goldeneye is a six-rowed
  • Erect-growing
  • Early heading spring feed barley
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Goldeneye spring barley was developed at the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station and released in 2005. It was selected from the cross of Woodvale/Steptoe/OR3. Its main characteristics are a high yield potential, a low propensity for lodging, and a relatively high test weight among six-rowed cultivars.

Goldeneye is a six-rowed, erect-growing, early heading spring feed barley. It is recommended for growing under irrigation in the Intermountain region of the USA. For 3 yr of Western Regional Irrigated Spring Barley tests, Goldeneye’s yield was significantly higher than those of ‘Baronesse’, ‘Stander’, ‘Harrington’, and ‘Morex’. Among six-rowed types, the average test weight of Goldeneye for these trials was higher than that of Steptoe.

Goldeneye has shown field resistance to barley loose smut and covered smut.