Haymaker Barley

  • Scientific name: Hordeum vulgare
  • High Yielding
  • Beardless spring forage barley
  • Fine, soft and very palatable
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Haymaker Barley (Hordeum vulgare) is a high-yielding two-row spring beardless forage barley. It developed fine, soft leaves and is very palatable. It has excellent fiber digestibility. It is descended from Haybet Barley and demonstrates forage quality and yield potential higher than Haybet and Lavina.

Haymaker performs best in slightly drier soils, but this does not mean it is “drought tolerant”. This is one of our highest yielding forage barley.

Haymaker is frequently a component of our Prosper 3-Grain Forage Mixture

Seeds/lb.: 14K
Yield: High
Maturity: Early
Standability: Good
Disease Resistance: Excellent
Recommended Planting Rate: 100 lbs. per acre

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