131 Triticale

  • Completely awnless (beardless)
  • Strong winter hardiness
  • Good standability & quality with medium maturity
  • Great forage producer and grazer.
  • Strong regrowth potential
  • Can be used as spring Triticale
  • Tolerant to rust and wheat streak mosaic virus
  • Excellent in grazing or silage systems
  • Vigorous fall growth
  • Good hay option as well.Not available for online purchase.
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TriCal 131 Triticale (xtritosecale) is a completely awnless winter triticale (pronounced trit-ih-KAY-lee).  Originally bred for Texas and Oklahoma, it has proven to have strong winter hardiness. Good standability and quality with medium maturity. Very good forage producer and grazer.  Strong regrowth potential and it can be doubled as spring triticale. Tolerant to rust and wheat streak mosaic virus. 131 is an excellent option in grazing or silage systems. Vigorous fall growth. Good hay option as well. See also Forerunner Triticale.

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