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Our 2021 photo contest was a success, and were doing it again in 2022! Submit your product, landscape or farm and ranch photos for an immediate coupon code and a chance to win $500.00!!

Left: A photo from our 2021 Farm and Ranch category winner John Grisbach.

Wildflowers & Wildflower Mixes

Beautify with Wildflower Mixes for your region

We have single flower varieties for desert lowlands to alpine highlands. Our popular regional wildflower mixes are specific to your needs and area.

50+ Species

to choose from!

Wildflowers for sun & shade

Flowers from desert lowlands to alpine highlands

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Regional wildflowers

• Drought tolerant & hardy species
• Mixes for pollinators

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Native & Introduced Grasses

Extensive grass seed selection

We stock a complete cross-section of warm season and cool season grasses for range and pastures of all kinds. We have native and introduced grasses for range, ranch, and home.

Not sure which one you need? Let us help you decide.


Warm season grasses green up and grow when the weather is warm. Many warm season grasses are mixed with native wildflowers. Warm-season grasses have multiple benefits for wildlife, grasslands, range lands, reclamation, late-season pastures and hay crops for livestock.

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Cool season grasses begin their growth as temperatures rise in the spring. They can also be used for fall adaptations. Often times cool season grasses are planted in the fall intending for spring growth. Cool season pastures retain better forage quality than warm season grasses.

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A quick view of the drought situation in the West

Left to Right: 6/2/2020, 09/29/2020, 12/29/2020, 3/2/2021, 5/25/2021, 6/12021. Images from the NOAA / Drought Monitor website HERE 

Affected by wildfires?We can help.

Since 1974 Great Basin Seed has stood strong with homeowners, cattlemen, ranchers and landowners in times of environmental crisis. We have been there to offer consultation and provide seed after countless wildfires, and we are here to help you now.

If you are one of the many thousand who have suffered during this unprecedented fire season, give us a call. We can help you rebuild.


Information on post-fire recovery
Wide Open spaces

Seed for Ranch and Range

We’ve been consulting with farmers and ranchers across America since 1974. Let us help you plan your next seeding project and help you select seeds suited to your area and desires.

Custom Seed Mixes

Mixes tailored to your climate and conditions

Custom Seed Mixes

Pasture Mixes

• Irrigated Pasture Mix
• Dryland Pasture Mix

Pasture Mixes


Read what customers say about us, contact us, and request a print catalog!

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  • "BIG THANKS to Jason and Mary! Jason for sorting me out on the seed sale and Mary for educating me more on what I needed than I found in several hours of internet research on my own. You guys made me a happy customer before I was even a customer :-)"
  • "Thank you so much for helping us! 5 years ago we bought 10 acres of weeds at 5,000 ft. in Idaho. I emailed you a couple of times and took your recommended seed. We now have two lovely pastures and have raised cows to feed the family for 3 years. Your wildflower seeds fill the nine-tree orchard to keep the ground shaded, so I do not have to water as often. I have recommended your business to others with grass questions. Thank you so much for getting us on the right track."
    Judy K. via the Great Basin Seed Facebook Page