Horse Pasture Mix

Horse Pasture Seed Mix

  • Blended specifically for horse pasture and hay
  • Also good for cattle
  • Performs best under sprinkler irrigation, but can be flood irrigated
  • Made up of forage grass varieties adapted to all of the USA

Quantity is per pound. Example: 1 = 1 lb, 2 = 2 lbs, 3 = 3lbs, etc. This is pure seed, not a live plant.

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Our Horse Pasture Seed Mix is blended specifically for horse pasture and hay. It is also good for cattle. It performs best under sprinkler irrigation, but can be flood irrigated.

Our Horse pasture mix is made up of forage grass varieties that are adapted to all of the USA. Most of them have been adapted to suit certain needs. For example, Oro Verde is very cold tolerant and drought tolerant. Albion is very drought tolerant and recovers quickly after grazing and/or cutting. Both varieties are excellent forage grasses. Quickdraw Orchardgrass is also drought and heat tolerant and recovers well after grazing and cutting. It is one of the most sought after orchard grasses on the market.

The best planting time is late fall (September-October) when seed will lay dormant until spring. Early spring planting is also sucessful if conditions permit.

Best results are obtained with the equine pasture grass mix when drilled, but broadcasting is the most common method of planting. The soil is best prepared with some sort of light disturbance such as a harrow. Preparation will vary from sit to site and will depend upon your equipment. As with all of our grass mixes, plant no deeper than 1/4″

Horse Pasture Mix Planting Instructions

Planting Rate:
15 lbs./acre drilled (1/4″ deep)
20 lbs./acre broadcast ( /- .5 lbs. per 1,000 sq.ft.)

  • Timothy
  • Oro Verde Tetraploid Perennial Rye
  • Albion Tetraploid Perennial Rye
  • Quickdraw Orchardgrass
  • Kentucky Bluegrass (forage type)

It is important to us that you plant seed that will product the end results you desire. This prescribed Horse Pasture Seed Mix may not be best for your situation. If it is not, We can alter any of our seed mixes to your liking to help you achieve you goals. Call 435.283.1411

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