Regional Wildflower Mixes

We offer regional wildflower seed mixes for all locations in the lower 48 states. Use the general map at left to identify your area and seed mix. Your location may be on the border of two areas and more than one mix may be appropriate.

Honey Bee Wildflower mix is adapted to most areas in the lower 48 states except the gulf coast and far north regions.

Mountain Wildflower Mix is for elevations above 7,000 feet in the western and continental US.

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Honey Bee Wildflower Seed Mix
Mountain Wildflower Seed Mix

water can watering honey bee flower seed mix at great basin seed

Tip #1 : Gentle Water

To prevent seeds from being dislodged or washed out, begin establishment by watering with a rain can or some other form of gentle application. Avoid watering directly with a garden hose. For large areas, gentle sprinkler application is acceptable.

Tip #2 : Maintain soil integrity

Continue gentle water application after plant emergence. Tender seedlings are susceptible to soil disturbance, and roots can be easily broken-off or dislodged.

Tip #3 : Attentive water schedule

Water once a day for at least four weeks. Wet or humid climates may require less. Arid climates may require twice daily. Once establishment has begun and plants are 3-4 inches tall, slowly transition from high-frequency low-duration watering to low-frequency high-duration watering.

...when your wildflowers arrive

What to expect

Watch this short video and learn what to expect when your wildflowers arrive. See how they are packaged and how to prepare them for planting. Detailed instructions can be found in every package.


Honey Bee Flower Mix

Mix Components

  • 50% annual, 50% perennial flowers
  • Excellent for Honey Bees!
  • Durable, attractive canvas bags.
  • 365,000 seeds per pound!
  • One full pound of seed
  • No fillers or insert matter
  • Best deal on the internet


The annuals in the mix are prolific seed producers. They will re-seed themselves and return every year. The perennials bloom all summer long and will return frothier root stock every year.

This mix can be used in garden beds, borders, and other maintained areas. It is widely adapted to all areas of the United State and southern Canada


Mountain Wildflower Mix

Mix Components

  • Annual and perennial mix
  • Use in ornamental landscaping
  • Adapted to mountain regions of the western U.S.
  • Use for elevations above 7,000 feet
  • Promotes pollinating and beneficial insects


Mountain Wildflower Mix is commonly used in conjunction with our Mountain and Cabin Seed Mix to reclaim and beautify road cuts, septic and utility digs and construction sites in mountain park communities, resorts, villages and cabin areas.

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