Wildflower Distribution Map
Wildflower Distribution Map

Regional Wildflower Mixes

We offer regional wildflower seed mixes for all locations in the lower 48 states. Use the general map at left to identify your area and seed mix. Your location may be on the border of two areas and more than one mix may be appropriate.

Honey Bee Wildflower mix is adapted to most areas in the lower 48 states except the gulf coast and far north regions.

Mountain Wildflower Mix is for elevations above 7,000 feet in the western and continental US.

Great Basin Seed offers wildflower mixes for every region of the United States. Our seed experts and plant biologists have carefully designed our mixes for each and every climate.

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Benefits of Coated Wildflower Seeds

Great Basin Seed wildflower mixes are coated for a number of sowing and establishment enhancements:

Seeds Wont Blow Away

Nature has designed many wildflower seeds to cary on the wind. Coated seed stays where you put it.

You Can See Where You've Sown

Wildflower seeds are earth-tones and raw seed is difficult to see. Bright colored coated seed means you can see where seed is sown.

Deters Birds and Rodents

Seed coating makes seed unrecognizable to rodents and birds and coating deters them from eating it.

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Improved Seed Distribution

Brightly colored coated seeds aids in even seed distribution, and even allows you to sow heavy in some spots, lighter in others.

Germination & Establishment

Coating holds water and protects tender seedlings during germination, enhancing establishment and stand density.

Reduced Seeding Rate & Savings!

Increased germination rates mean fewer seed can be sown. Higher plant density is achieved with coated seed.

Wildflowers & Forbs

Wildflower mixes are perfect for erosion control, beautification, and pollinators. Providing honey bees quality pollinating land helps protect and grow critical colonies for sustaining plant and human life. We’ve created mixes based on regions in the USA for you to choose from, or you can browse single varieties to create your own mix.


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