fifty states. fifty ranches. one year



The Anvil Project is a documentary series that seeks to tell the stories of ranchers and farmers across the US. The goal of the project is to inform the public about farm lifestyle and to encourage people to support farming and buy local. Family owned ranches and farms face many struggles. They fight economic, environmental, and political battles. Without them, we lose access to clean, quality food and the ability to choose how we feed our families.

Creator and photographer Calli M. at Anvil Film Co. will show you what it takes to operate a farm or ranch by filming fifty ranches in fifty states in one year. She hopes to inspire anyone who cares about ensuring future generations have a choice in the food they eat.

Great Basin Seed is a proud sponsor of the Anvil Project. You can follow the journey in 2025 through social media. Instagram, Facebook and Youtube updates will be posted every week.


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