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Great Basin Seed has a proud heritage in the Intermountain West seed industry. Our family lineage and business heritage are directly linked to the beginnings of reclamation, revegetation and wildlife habitat improvement.


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Honey Bee Flower Mix

Honey Bee Flower Mix is a blend of 50% annual and 50% perennial flowers that provide nectar and pollen to honey bees. These flowers are proven favorites of honey bees in our gardens and will provide bee forage all season long.  It is ideal for honey beekeepers and others interested in honey bee health.  This mix can be used in garden beds, borders, and other maintained areas. It is widely adapted to all areas of the United State and southern Canada. Click on the “mix contents” tab to see a list of ingredients and ratios.

The annuals in the mix are prolific seed producers. They will re-seed themselves and return every year. The perennials bloom all summer long and will return frothier root stock every year. The mix contains the following species:

% in MixSpecies Common NameSpecies Scientific NamePlat TypeHeightPhoto
13%Siberian WallflowerCheiranthus allioniiPerennial, Biennial10-18"
9.0%California PoppyEschscholzia californicaHardy Annual12-18"
9.0%CalendulaCalendula officinalisAnnual12-24"
9.0%Lance-Leaved CoreopsisCoreopsis lanceolataPerennial18-36"
9.0%Sulphur Cosmos MixCosmos sulphureusAnnual20-30"
9.0%BlanketflowerGaillardia aristataPerennial18-30"
9.0%Blue FlaxLinum perennePerennial12-30"
7.5%Sweet AlyssumOcimum basilicumAnnual36"
4.5%Corn PoppyPapaver rhoeasAnnual12-30"
4.5%Rocky Mountain BeeplantCleome serrulataBiannual12-48"
4.5%Purple Prairie CloverDalea purpureaPerennial12-36"
4.5%CosmosCosmos bipinnatusAnnual36-60"
4.5%Rocky Mountain PenstemonPenstemon strictusPerennial18-32"
2.0%Lacy PhaceliaPhacelia tanacetifoliaAnnual12-24"
1.0%Prairie ConeflowerRatibida columniferaBiennial12-36"
0.5%Scarlet CinquefoilPotentilla thurberiPerennial12-30"


Honey Bee Flower Mix is packaged in our durable, attractive canvas bags. Detailed site preparation and sowing instructions are included with the packaging.


honey bee flower mix, pollinator seed

Many thanks to J.S. (Colorado) for sending this photos of Great Basin Seed Honey Bee Flower Mix.

The best value in Honey Bee Flower mix on the internet!

If you shop carefully you will see that other suppliers try to mask the actual value by selling very few seeds, adding carrier agent or lowering the coverage rate. A lot of companies actually don’t even disclose the fact that a considerable portion of what you are buying is a carry agent or “inert matter”. Sometimes what you buy is as little as 10% actual seed.

Our Honey Bee Flower Mix has ONE FULL NET POUND OF SEED, covers 3,500 SQUARE FEET, has an average of 365,000 seeds per pound! Inside of every package you will find two bags: Part 1 is the actual seed mix – one full net pound. Part 2 is a separately packaged carrier agent to help you disburse and sow the seed. This means our wildflower mixes are a tremendous value when compared to other flower mixes on the internet!

BrandCoverageSeeds per Package$ Lb.Compare
AmazonNot Declared1000$3100.0082X $$! 😡
Amazon200 Sq. Ft.Not Declared$297.5011X $$! 😭
Western500 Sq. Ft.91,000$67.802X $$ 😮
Ours...3,500 Sq. Ft.365,000$37.95VALUE!! 😆


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