Old Fashioned Flower Seed Bag (1 lb.)

  • Made from old fashioned muslin cotton
  • Thousands of uses!
  • Does not contain seed – this is a bag only
  • Dimensions: 13″ Tall X 8″ Wide

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Old Fashioned Flower Seed Bag (1 lb.)

This Flower Mix Cotton Seed Bag (1 lb.) is patterned after “old tyme” canvas bags. This is the cotton bag used for our popular premium Honey Bee Wildflower Mix and other wildflower mixes. They have an air of nostalgia and represent the quality, durable packaging of days gone by. They have dozens of after-uses.

Dimensions: 13″ Tall X 8″ Wide
Old Fashion Flower Seed Bag (1 lb.) are designed to hold one pound of our wildflower seed mixes
This product is a bag only – the product does NOT contain seed.

In addition to being the genuine packaging for our wildflower mixes, these bags have many other uses – from decorating to storing small knick-knacks. We have used these and our other cotton bags for a number of things, including pillowcases, table and chair throws, tow straps and tow chains, tool bag, trunk bag, jumper cables, bolts and screws, and a lunch sack. They are quite popular with local hunters as a game and meat bag. Our kids have used them for Trick-or-Treat bags, toy bags and muddy shoes. We are sure you will love them! The sky is the limit.

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Customer Photo Submissions

Every year our customers send photos of fun and creative ways they are using our vintage cotton bags. Try them for yourself and see what happens! There are thousands of uses!

custom mix cotton bag
Old Tyme Cotton sacks turned clothing!
Haystack Mountain Old Fashioned cotton sacks