Everleaf™ 126 Oat

  • Delayed Heading
  • Improved Leaf Density
  • Dark Green Foliage
  • Quality with Tonnage
  • Harvest Flexibility
  • Compact Panicle (seed head)

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Everleaf™ 126 Oat is a true spring oat with dark green foliage, an erect growth habit and good ability to avoid lodging. EverLeaf 126 has leaves that actually extend above the canopy at heading. EverLeaf 126 is a delayed heading oat and much of its forage mass and quality come from an extended maturity. Since the plant is naturally vegetative for a longer period, biomass accumulation is extraordinary. EverLeaf 126 has a compact panicle that offers an attractive product when baled. Seed count averages 11,000 seed per pound.

Everleaf™ 126 Oat height is medium to tall. Under good moisture and fertility heads emerge at 48 to 52 inches. These oats respond well under irrigation, stand erect and resist lodging.

Management Notes: Everleaf™ 126 Oat has the same requirements as other spring planted forage cereals.

1. Adequate seed bed preparation is important as are seeding rate and fertility. EverLeaf 126 has a great deal of biomass and therefore insufficient levels of plant food and water will limit overall productive capacity.

2. Everleaf™ 126 Oat oats are high yielding while maintaining better quality. This is accomplished when both good fertility and good moisture are available. This means Everleaf™ 126 Oat is a high input oat with high output.

3. Since Everleaf™ 126 Oat performance is best when good fertility and moisture are available, dryland production should be limited to heavier soils with adequate rainfall.

4. Always test forages for nitrate levels before feeding, especially when grown in high nitrogen regimes.

5. Used as a nurse crop for newly seeded alfalfa, the delayed heading feature allows newly planted alfalfa stands to become more uniformly established before first cutting. This translates into higher quality forage and less damage to seedling alfalfa plants with immature crowns.

Everleaf 126 Oats are a PVP variety. Unauthorized seed production in any form is prohibited.


Everleaf™ 126 Oat Plant Guide

PDF version of Everleaf™ 126 "The Elite Class of Gorage Oats"

Prepared By: ProGene Plant Research LLC

Download PDF
Beards, Dwarf Beards and Awnlettes

Making Sense of Grain Beards

What is the difference between “bearded” and “dwarf beard” and “beardless” varieties? How do I choose the one best for me?

The table below will help you visualize the different characteristics of each variety, if they have beards (or not) and why it matters. See our BEARDED GRAINS blog post for additional information.

SpeciesVarietyPlanting SeasonBeard ExpressionComments
OatOtanaSpringBeardlessOats do not have a beard
OatMonidaSpringBeardlessOats do not have a beard
OatIntimidatorSpringBeardlessOats do not have a beard
OatMonicoSpringBeardlessOats do not have a beard
OatMagnumSpringBeardlessOats do not have a beard
OatEverleaf™ Falcon OatSpringBeardlessOats do not have a beard
OatEverleaf™ 126 OatSpringBeardlessOats do not have a beard
BarleyVaqueroSpringBeardlessMay express a beard up to 4/10,000 plants (.04%)
BarleySunstar DoubleSpringBeardedBearded forage barley
BarleyClaymoreSpringBeardedBearded forage barley
BarleyHaymakerSpringBeardlessForage barley
BarleyLavinaSpringBeardlessForage barley
BarleyGoldeneyeSpringBeardedGrain barley
BarleySunstar PrideFallBeardedFall forage barley
BarleyValorFallBeardlessFall forage barley
BarleyBaldwinFallAwnlettedBeard expression if planted after October 15
TriticaleMerlin Max™FacultativeBeardlessForage triticale
TriticaleGunner™FacultativeBeardlessForage triticale
Triticale131FallBeardlessForage triticale
Triticale 141 SpringAwnletted141 was used facultatively at high elevations
TriticaleLuomaFallAwnlettedForage triticale
TriticaleFlex 719™FacultativeAwnlettedForage triticale
TriticaleFX 1001FallNearly BeardlessFX 1001 may have up to 3% beard expression
TriticaleMotley™FacultativeNearly BeardlessForage triticale
WheatJeffersonSpringBeardedHard red grain wheat for milling
WheatTwinSpringBeardlessSoft white forage wheat
WheatBrundageFallBeardlessSoft white forage wheat
WheatRayFallBeardlessHard Red forage or milling wheat
WheatWillow CreekFallBeardlessHard Red forage or milling wheat
RyeRymin or VNS FacultativeBeardedCereal forage rye
PeasAustrian Winter PeasFacultativeBeardlessPeas do not have a beard
Grain MixtureFall Forage BlendFallBeardlessMay contain awnletted varieties
Grain MixtureProsper 3 Grain Forage MixtureSpringBeardlessForage mixture
Grain MixtureProsper Plus with PeasSpringBeardlessProsper with forage peas added

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