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Build Your Own Dryland Pasture Mix

Choose your own ratios for a custom dryland seed mix!

All varieties are our hand picked selections for farm, ranch and range sites with no irrigation.
Use in areas with 11-13 in. of annual precipitation or where sprinkler/flood irrigation is present.

Products are listed from least annual precipitation needed to most precipitation needed.

Dryland Quick Selection Guide
Quick Selection Dryland Product Guide
Product Quantity

Siberian Wheatgrass

Min. Annual Precipitation: 6 inches

Original price was: $4.95.Current price is: $3.95. each

Hycrest Crested Wheatgrass

  • Excellent seedling vigor
  • Easy to establish
  • Very drought tolerant
  • Widely distributed
  • Excellent for livestock spring and fall
$4.95 each

Sandberg Bluegrass

  • Scientific name: Poa secunda sandbergii
  • Cool-season, early maturing perennial
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Most common bluegrass in the Intermountain West
  • Occurs in dry areas
  • Shares sagebrush and mountain shrub communities
$18.50 each

Streambank Wheatgrass

  • Scientific name: Elymus lanceolatus psammophilus
  • Common to the northern Great Plains and Intermountain West
  • Sodforming with strong rhizomes
  • Excellent seedling vigor
  • Well adapted to erosion control
  • Not recommended for forage production
  • Good palatability for livestock and wildlife
$11.70 each

Russian Wildrye

Min. Annual Precipitation: 7 inches

$12.50 each

Indian Ricegrass

  • Scientific name: Orzhyopsis hymenoides
  • A widely adapted native grass
  • Drought tolerant, found on most range sites
  • Excellent in sandy, gravelly, and shallow soils
  • Valuable for domestic livestock and big game animals
  • Excellent source protein for upland game birds
  • Highly valued for wildlife habitat improvement
  • Widely used on disturbed sites, range mixes
$18.00 each

Western Wheatgrass

  • Scientific Name: Pascopyrum smithii
  • Well known and commonly used native grass
  • Excellent for erosion control
  • spreading rhizomes
  • Very hardy and long lived
$11.75 each

Thickspike Wheatgrass

  • Scientific Name: Elymus lanceolatus
  • Cool-season perennial grass
  • Widely distributed native grass in the prairie region
  • Good drought tolerance
  • Prefers dry, well-drained areas
  • Sod forming - well adapted to erosion control
$11.75 each

Blue Grama

  • Good drought tolerance
  • Establishes well with all native grasses
  • Withstands grazing year-round
  • Suitable for mixtures of grasses
  • Used in erosion control
  • Good choice for low maintenance turf
  • Surface mine revegetation
$34.00 each

Tall Wheatgrass

  • Late maturing
  • Produces high yields
  • Provides a long grazing period
  • Excellent seedling vigor
  • Excels in poor, high pH soils
$3.45 each

Bluebunch Wheatgrass

  • Scientific Name: Pseudoroegneria spicata
  • Long-lived cool season perennial
  • Extremely palatable
  • Adapted to less productive soil and drought
  • A slower developing native grasses
  • Does not compete with aggressive introduced species
$9.50 each

Yellow Sweet Clover

  • Scientific name: Melilotus officinalis
  • AKA Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover
  • Best used as a pasture and soil improving crop
  • Rapid growth and easy establishment
  • Excellent reclamation seed
  • Extreme range of adaptation
$4.65 each

Sheep Fescue

  • Scientific name: Festuca ovina
  • Good understory grass
  • Excellent for erosion control
  • Ideal for stabilization of disturbed soils
  • Low maintenance
  • Drought and full sun tolerance
$4.74 each

Sand Dropseed

  • Scientific name: Sporobolus cryptandrus
  • Long-lived, native perennial
  • Warm season bunchgrass
  • Produces a dense, binding network of roots
  • Can spread up to 2 feet laterally and 8' deep
  • Prolific seed producer
  • Extremely drought tolerant
  • Adapted to 7 to 16 inches annual precipitation
$9.75 each

Sideoats Grama

  • Scientific Name: Bouteloua curtipendula
  • Largest and most coarse of the grama grasses
  • 15 to 30 inches tall
  • Produces a greater volume of forage than blue grama
  • Begins growth in the spring before other gramas
  • Stays green longer and can be grazed for a longer period
$16.50 each

Slender Wheatgrass


  • Produces good, quality hay
  • A preferred wheatgrass for elk and bighorn sheep
  • An excellent choice for high elevations
  • Recommended for inclusion in reclamation mixes
  • Seedlings are vigorous and provide good initial plant cover in seed mixtures
$4.90 each

Basin Wildrye

  • Scientific name: Leymus cinerius
  • Large, robust bunchgrass averaging 2 to 5 feet tall
  • Can grow up to 12' tall in ideal conditions
  • Not tolerant of heavy grazing
  • Excellent erosion control and soil stabilization
  • Valuable restoration species
$13.95 each

Rush Intermediate Wheatgrass

  • Scientific name: Thinopyrum intermedium
  • Superior seedling emergence and vigor to other cultivars
  • Superior forage production
  • Establishes easily
  • Highly palatable to livestock and wildlife
$4.15 each

Pubescent Wheatgrass

  • Scientific name: Apropyron trichophorum
  • Strongly rhizomatous
  • Long-lived, and drought resistant
  • Excellent forage producer
  • Common in dryland and wildlife mixes
  • Often found in CRP mixes
  • Fast to establish
$5.10 each

Dahurian Wildrye

  • Scientific name: Elymus dahuricus
  • Introduced perennial bunchgrass
  • Short-lived (1-3 yrs)
  • Adapted to 12 to 24" annual precip
  • Good candidate for reclamation or quick pasture
  • Good regrowth after harvest
  • Can be grazed 2 to 3 times per season
$4.30 each

Smooth Brome

  • Long-lived introduced perennial
  • Aggressive root system
  • Used for pasture, forage, disturbed sites
$4.62 each

Small Burnet

  • Scientific name: Sanguisorba minor
  • relatively long-lived evergreen
  • perennial forb
  • hardy and drought tolerant
  • thrives in full sunlight
  • bright pink flowers bloom in the summer
  • excellent pollinator
  • relished by wildlife, especially deer and elk
  • valued in mixes for erosion control
$5.85 each

Ranger Alfalfa

  • Scientific name: Medicago sativa
  • The "Old Standby"
  • Non-certified
  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Adapted to variable soil conditions
  • Winterhardy and persistent
  • Well know, proven variety

Minimum order quantity of 10 pounds

$3.65 each

Ladak II Alfalfa

  • Scientific name: Medicago sativa
  • Developed directly from Ladak
  • Excellent drought tolerance, superior to Ranger
  • Adapted to variable soil conditions
  • Very winterhardy and persistent
  • Superior forage yield when compared to original Ladak
  • Certified Seed
$4.75 each

AC Saltlander Green Wheatgrass

  • Scientific name: Elymus hoffmannnii var. ac saltlander
  • Hybrid selected for persistence in alkaline and salt soils
  • Well suited for erosion control and reclamation
  • Flexible grazing and hay management
  • Very palatable
  • Winter hardy
$8.95 each

Paiute Orchardgrass

  • Excellent for forage production on semi arid lands
  • Widely used across the USA
  • More drought tolerant than other varieties
  • Well adapted to dryland pasture mixes
  • An 'old' and trusted variety, widely used
$3.80 each

Shoshone Sainfoin

  • Scientific name: Onobrychis viciifolia
  • Drought tolerant, winter hardy forb
  • Relished by wildlife, especially deer and elk
  • Deep-rooted and drought-resistant
  • Can be cut for hay, exceeds alfalfa yields on first cutting
  • Very palatable, grazed by livestock
  • Minimum order quantity of 10 lbs.


Original price was: $2.95.Current price is: $2.05. each

Quantity is per pound. Example: 1 = 1 lb, 2 = 2 lbs, 3 = 3lbs, etc. This is pure seed, not a live plant.

Dryland Quick Selection Guide
Guide created by Great Basin Seed to offer information about planting in dryland climates

Choose your own ratios!!


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