Jefferson Wheat

  • Semi-dwarf hard red spring wheat
  • High protein
  • Excellent milling and baking qualities
  • White chaffed at maturity.
  • Adult resistance to stripe rust
  • Moderate resistance to Hessian Fly
  • Resistant to lodging and drought
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Jefferson wheat is a semi-dwarf hard red spring wheat intended for dryland production. Jefferson can also be used as an irrigated variety. Jefferson tends to produce higher levels of protein, 13% or greater, with excellent milling and baking qualities. Sample tested in a miller’s laboratory in Ethiopia showed 17% protein. Adaptation trials showed Jefferson HRS wheat to yield best in the lowland areas in Ethiopia; the average time to reach maturity in the lowland areas was 75-80 days. Jefferson is white chaffed at maturity. Height: 91 cm. Seed: Dark Red, Hard, Ovate, and Plump. Seed size average: 40 mg.

Jefferson wheat was originally released by the Idaho AES, USDA-ARS in 1998 for dryland production in the regions of southern Idaho and northern Utah, USA.

Excellent milling and baking qualities; adult resistance to stripe rust (Puccinia striformis); moderate resistance to Hessian Fly (Mayetiola destructor); moderate susceptibility to leaf rust (P. recondite); susceptible to Russian wheat aphid (Diuraphis noxia); resistance to lodging and drought. Production is possible in rainfall regimes below 600 mm.

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