Carlton Fire Seed Mixes

  • Specialty mixes designed for post-fire planting
  • 15 pound minimum order

Quantity is per pound. Example: 1 = 1 lb, 2 = 2 lbs, 3 = 3lbs, etc. This is pure seed, not a live plant.


Great Basin Seed offers the following four seed mixes based on recommendations from the Methow Valley NRCS at the time of the Carleton Complex fire. During the fire season of 2014, four relatively small lightning-strike fires in Washington state merged to form the Carleton Complex Fire. It destroyed 353 homes, burned 256,000 acres and caused an estimated $98 million dollars damage in Okanogan County. Fire suppression cost the state at least $60 million. It remains the largest single wildfire in Washington state history. In 2015 the Okanogan Complex Fire burned an additional 304,000 acres, though it did not combine into a single fire.

Though the Carleton and Okanogan Complex fires have long since been extinguished, landowners in more recent fires have found these mixes to be helpful and effective. We will continue to offer these seed mixes as long as fires burn in the West, and as a reminder of the heroic and herculean efforts of land owners, firefighters, emergency service personnel and anyone who assisted in the recovery process.

Our Carlton Fire Seed Mixes come to you pre-blended, ready for sowing. Every bag of seed we sell, including these mixes, comes with analysis tags certifying the contents of the mix. Carlton Fire Seed Mixes have a 15 pound minimum order (one acre). If you do not require that much seed, then we recommend you hand-pick the items and quantities you desire from the store and simply mix them together when they arrive.

Suggestions from us:

  • Don’t be afraid to plant a combination of natives and non-natives or a combination of mixes. The diversity buys you a little insurance.
  • If these mixes do not meet your needs for whatever reason, please call and we will help you formulate a mix with you.
  • Consider plating shrubs and flowers with your grass mixes! We have included recommendations below.
  • Call us for help! We are happy to walk with you through the process and help however we can! 435.283.1411


Carlton Fire Rangeland Native Seed Mix

SpeciesDrill Lbs/Acre*% by weight
Thickspike Wheatgrass333.33%
Big Bluegrass111.11%
Sandberg Bluegrass111.11%
Snake River Wheatgrass333.33%
Idaho Fescue111.11%
*Note: double the seed rate per acre if you are broadcasting


Carlton Fire Rangeland Non-Native Seed Mix

SpeciesDrill Lbs/Acre*% by weight
Siberian Wheatgrass222.22%
Crested Wheatgrass222.22%
Intermediate Wheatgrass444.44%
Lander Alfalfa111.11%
*Note: double the seed rate per acre if you are broadcasting


Carlton Fire Forest Seed Mix

SpeciesDrill Lbs/Acre*% by weight
Mountain Brome224.10%
Slender Wheatgrass224.10%
Bluebunch Wheatgrass448.20%
Prairie Junegrass0.30%3.60%
*Note: double the seed rate per acre if you are broadcasting


Carlton Fire Roadcut / Roadfill Seed Mix

SpeciesDrill Lbs/Acre*% by weight
Siberian Wheatgrass220.00%
Crested Wheatgrass220.00%
Intermediate Wheatgrass330.00%
Sheep Fescue110.00%
Hard Fescue110.00%
*Note: double the seed rate per acre if you are broadcasting



Wildflowers & Shrubs

Where appropriate, consider planting wildflowers and/or shrubs with your seed mixes. Our Western Wildflower Mix is an excellent ready-made choice and is beautiful in a wide range of ecotypes. It seeds well and returns year after year.

If you would like to formulate your own wildflower seed mix we recommend the following species:

Carlton Fire Wildflower and Shrub Seed Recommendations

Plant Type
Western Wildflower Seed MixFlower
Silky LupineFlower
Perennial GaillardiaFlower
California PoppyFlower
Palmer’s PenstemonFlower
Lewis Blue FlaxFlower
Rocky Mountain BeeplantFlower
Showy GoldeneyeFlower
White YarrowFlower
Wyoming Big SagebrushShrub
Rubber RabbitbrushShrub
Antelope BitterbrushShrub
Skunkbush SumacShrub
Woods RoseShrub

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