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Needle & Threadgrass "bails" after custom field collection in a native southern utah stand.


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Pig and Hog Pasture Mix

Our Pig and Hog Pasture Mix pasture contains alfalfa, clover, and grass.


Most research on swine forage diets has been with alfalfa. It appears to be the most practical forage crop for the pig because it can be used for both pasture and silage.

Annual clovers like Frosty, Fixation and Kentucky Pride provides a good spring forage and sometimes winter forage in warm climates. Under optimum conditions, ladino clover will not produce as much forage per acre as alfalfa but the protein content of ladino clover is superior to that of alfalfa. Ladino clover works best as an all-summer pasture crop in the northeastern and north central states. Red clover is a short-lived, relatively easy-to establish perennial legume that will grow on soils too acidic or too wet for alfalfa. It will provide good forage through most of the grazing season if it is not overgrazed or allowed to become too mature. Several studies have shown that pigs on red clover forage gain as rapidly as those on alfalfa. White clover is a practical perennial legume to use with permanent pasture, especially those containing bluegrass. White clover makes a high-quality pasture and it does well in years of frequent rain. Note that ladino clover is a large-type white clover. Dutch or common white clover is a small-type.


Bluegrass may serve as a permanent pasture for swine. The pasture can be grazed early, but it contains less protein than do legumes and is usually dormant during the warmest part of the summer. Smooth Bromegrass is a palatable crop that withstands heavy grazing. Early spring growth enables it to be pastured for longer periods than many legumes. Orchardgrass is a hardy species that can tolerate trampling. It quickly loses its palatability if not grazed down to prevent the grass from becoming tall and mature. (Quick Draw) Timothy withstands heavy use, but it should only be included as a minor part of a pasture mixture since it is less desirable than most other pasture crops.

Pig and Hog Pasture Mix has a minimum purchase quantity of 20 pounds.

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