The Kitchen Sink Pasture Mix

  • A premium seed mix at a bargain price
  • Similar to our Irrigated Pasture Mix
  • Sow and water same as Irrigated Pasture Mix
  • Time-tested, proven performers
  • Sold in 20 pound bags

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Map of Indian Ricegrass Distribution Area
Indian Ricegrass Distribution Area

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The Kitchen Sink Pasture Mix is a combination of overages from mixing runs and seed lots. The ingredients and percentages in the mix vary by year and season. We update the list on this page so you get what is advertised. It is useful in pivot corners or isolated sections that need coverage and forage yield. Effective at driving out weeds. Planted as a stand alone crop for pasture or hay. It can be used to over seed old pastures or thinning hay stands. Performs best under sprinkler irrigation, but can be flood irrigated once the seedlings have matured. Livestock can be turned in for pasture or it can be cut for hay. Features both mid and late-maturing varieties.

The Kitchen Sink Pasture Mix is, well, pretty much like it sounds – “everything AND the kitchen sink”!

Every year we accumulate “overages” from mixing runs or we have “tail ends” of various seed lots. Occasionally we make a custom seed mix and it is not picked up by the customer. Sometimes large-scale projects lose funding and we end up with extra seed. We combine these overages together to create a do-it-all mix offered to you at a discount price. It is first quality seed. There are no sub-standard products in this mix.

Use this mix the same way you would use our Premium Irrigated Pasture Mix. Plant and water it the same way. You can expect similar results.

Availability is limited to stock on hand – it will sell out fast.

Available in 20 pound bags.


Kitchen Sink Pasture Mix

Percent in MixSpecies
18%Meadow Brome, StratusStratus Meadow Brome
16%Pubescent WheatgrassOahe Intermediate Wheatgrass
6%Orchardgrass (VNS Late Maturing)Sundown Orchardgrass
6%Orchardgrass (VNS Mid Maturing)Quickdraw Orchardgrass
6%Sainfoin, ShoshoneShoshone Sainfoin
5%Annual Ryegrass, LonestarLonestar Annual Ryegrass
4%Siberian Wheatgrass, Vavilov IIVavilov Siberian Wheatgrass
4%Intermediate Ryegrass, Bandito IIBandito II Intermediate Ryegrass
4%Tall Fescue, 402TFFSG 402TF Tall Fescue
4%Slender Wheatgrass, VNSSlender Wheatgrass
3%Perennial Ryegrass, AlbionAlbion Perennial Ryegrass
3%Meadow Brome, CacheCache Meadow Brome
3%Ladak II AlfalfaLander AlfalfaLadak II Alfalfa
3%Crested Wheatgrass, HycrestHycrest Crested Wheatgrass
2%Mountain Brome, BromarMountain Brome
2%Bluebunch Wheatgrass, AnatoneBluebunch Wheatgrass
2%Small BurnetSmall Burnet
2%Timothy, VNSTimothy
2%Russian Wildrye, BozoiskyRussian Wildrye
2%Mountain Wildflower MixMountain Wildflower Mix
1%White Dutch CloverWhite Dutch Clover


Application methods and rates:

This mix can be broadcast or drilled. If the broadcast method is used, scarify or “break-up” the soil surface to ensure a good seed bed. This can be done with something as simple as a hard tooth rake. Any method will work as long as the surface crust is broken. Seed can be broadcast by hand. A small fertilizer spreader also works well.

If a drill is used, plant NO DEEPER THAN .25″. Germination failure will likely occur if seeds are sown deeper than .25″.

Chances of a successful establishment can be increased if the site is rolled or “packed” after the seed is sown, but it is not required.

Broadcast method:  20 pounds per acre
Drill method: 15 pounds per acre

This product is sold in 20 pound bags.

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