Dryland Pasture Seed Mix

Salaradus Pasture Mix

  • Designed for high pH areas
  • Requires irrigation in most areas
  • Excellent forage and pasture
  • Combination of legumes, grasses & cover crops
  • Sold in 20 pound bags

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Quantity is per pound. Example: 1 = 1 lb, 2 = 2 lbs, 3 = 3lbs, etc. This is pure seed, not a live plant.



Salradus Pasture Mix is designed for high pH areas. It differs from our Western Badlands Mix because it requires irrigation in most geographic areas where it is planted. Minimum precipitation is 16″.

The Salaradus Pasture Mix can be cut for hay or used for pasture. Rotational grazing is recommended.

West of Great Basin Seed Headquarters a couple miles is a geographic area called the “Salarados Hole” where the soil is notoriously bad and the Alkali pulls to the surface. This mix was designed in cooperation with a farmer who owns the land, and for all areas like it in the Western USA>.

In early Mormon and western history you will find mention of “Salaradus Biscuits.” The biscuits are common fare among the pioneer ancestors of the Intermountain West, and the following quote from the written history of central Utah pioneer woman Martha Lydia Lyman Roper (1853-1922) gives insight to the origins of the word:

“Her baking powder biscuits were delicious, the baking powder she made by combining cream of tartar and corn starch. For soda she used white alkali gathered from the Deseret to make Salaradus Biscuits, which were also delicious.” 


Salaradus Pasture Mix

Percent in MixSpecies
Scientific Name (link)
22%Ac Saltlander Green WheatgrassElymus hoffmannii
15%Slender WheatgrassElymus trachycaulus
10%Tall FescueFestuca arundinacea
10%Intermediate WheatgrassThinopyrum intermedium
5%Russian WildryePsathyrostachys junceus
5%RadishRaphanus sativus var. oleiformis
5%Purple Top TurnipBrassica rapa
5%Western WheatgrassPascopyrum smith
5%Crested WheatgrassAgropyrum cristatum
5%Strawberry CloverTrifolium fragiferum
3%Fixation Balansa CloverTrifolium michelianum
3%Paiute orchardgrassDactylis glomerata/a>
3%Dahurian Wildrye
Elymus dahuricus
3%Meadow BromegrassBromus commutatus
1%Ladak II AlfalfaMedicago sativa