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Needle & Threadgrass "bails" after custom field collection in a native southern utah stand.


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Great Basin Seed has a proud heritage in the Intermountain West seed industry. Our family lineage and business heritage are directly linked to the beginnings of reclamation, revegetation and wildlife habitat improvement.


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Hercules Tall Wheatgrass

Hercules Tall Wheatgrass: a new palatable variety of Tall Wheatgrass imported from Argentina.

Older Tall Wheatgrass varieties like Alkar and Jose have long been the competing, successful champions in the quest to find grasses that will establish and persist in saline and alkali soil conditions. In reclamation, erosion control and ground cover sites where salt and alkali are present, Alkar and Jose Tall Wheatgrass establish well and persist, but they have an Achilles heal for forage: they are rank and demonstrate poor palatability. Other more palatable species like AC Saltlander Green Wheatgrass are available, they are considerably more expensive.

Hercules Tall Wheatgrass is a new variety that establishes and persists in saline conditions AND is highly palatable. Is the new best option for poor soil conditions. It has high forage yield potential, can be cut and grazed.

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