Crown Royale Orchardgrass

  • Late Maturity
  • Excellent forage yield & quality
  • Excellent persistence
  • Excellent palatability
  • Excellent silage or hay
  • Good drought tolerance
  • Fair moisture tolerance

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A high yielding, high quality, long-lived, late maturing orchard grass variety. Less clumping than other varieties. Bred primarily for quick re-growth and disease-free foliage. An ideal choice for grazing or hay. Recovers rapidly after grazing or mowing. It has demonstrated remarkable cold tolerance.

Crown Royale (Dactilis glomerata) is temporarily out of stock. We recommend Pawnee Orchardgrass, Blizzard Orchardgrass, or Extend Orchardgrass as substitutes.


Orchardgrass (Dactilis glomerata) is one of the most important one commonly used forage grasses in the world. It is a component of our Irrigated Pasture Mix and is frequently a core component of our custom seed mixes. Crown Royale orchardgrass is a high yielding, high quality, long-lived, late maturing orchard grass variety similar in maturity to Latar and Pennlate.

Crown Royale Orchardgrass is a bunch type grass but because of its increased tillering there is less clumping in the field – an attractive feature for pasture. Crown Royale was bred primarily for quick re-growth and disease-free foliage. It is an ideal choice for grazing or hay.

Crown Royale can be grown alone or with a legume and is an excellent choice for pasture, silage or hay. It recovers rapidly after grazing or mowing. In its maturity group it has yielded at or near the top in forage trials throughout many of the areas where cool season grasses are grown. It exhibits moderate drought tolerance and has proven to be highly palatable when grazed. It persists under continuous grazing. It has demonstrated remarkable cold tolerance.

Optimum soil pH for this grass is 6.0 or above it will tolerate soils with a pH of 5.5 to 8.0.

  • Excellent Forage Yield
  • Excellent Forage Quality
  • Excellent Persistence
  • Excellent Palatability
  • Excellent Silage
  • Excellent Hay
  • Good Drought Tolerance
  • Good Pasture
  • Fair Moisture Tolerance
  • Late Maturity

Available Orchardgrass Cultivars:

PaiuteEarlyDrought tolerant. Common in dryland pastures, reclamation, erosion control.
HallmarkEarlyHigh Yielding
Benchmark PlusEarlyPersists under heavy use, superior forage. Superior for grazing.
PotomacEarly-MidExcellent early variety.
QuickdrawEarly-MidFast recover after cutting. Tolerates heat.
ExtendMidIdeal for alfalfa & clover mixes. Superior yield.
BlizzardMid-LateSuperior winter survival. Widely adapted, excellent forage yield.
Crown RoyalLateFast recovery after cutting, tolerates heat.
LatarLateNo longer available. See Extend, Haymaster, Quickdraw
HaymasterLateIdeal for Alfalfa and Clover Mixes. Highly palatable, fast recovery.
Pawnee OrchardgrassMediumWidely adapted, drought and grazing tolerant.
Quick Plant Facts
Common Name:

Crown Royale Orchardgrass

Scientific Name:


Plant Type:

pH Tolerance:

Seed Count


Root Form


Sowing Rate

2-4 PLS lbs. per Acre

Min. Precipitation

16 Inches Minimum

Best Sowing Time

Fall or Spring

Max Sowing Depth:

Growth Season:

Sun & Shade Tolerance:

Full sun, tolerates shade

Elevation of Occurance:

Hardiness Zones

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