Arido Tall Fescue

  • Medium-early maturing
  • Low-endophyte
  • Taller than KY-31 and Fawn
  • Excellent spring vigor

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Arido is a medium-early maturing, low-endophyte tall fescue variety. It’s heading date is 4 days earlier than KY-31, and 5 days later than Fawn. It reaches 50% pollen shed approximately 3 days earlier than KY-31, and 4 days later than Fawn. Arido is taller in plant height than KY-31 and Fawn, with a longer panicle, and a longer and wider flag leaf. It is slightly lighter green in color than KY-31.

Arido tall fescue plants were selected from an overgrazed and drought-stressed pasture of select tall fescue in Oregon. The 11 parent clones of Arido were further selected for excellent spring vigor and seed yield potential in Touchet, WA.

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