White Dutch Clover

  • Scientific name: Trifolium repens
  • A short, hardy clover
  • Widely used for lawn and ground cover
  • Also used for pasture and livestock
  • Commonly planted with pasture grasses
  • 5 Pound Minimum Order Quantity

Quantity is per pound. Example: 1 = 1 lb, 2 = 2 lbs, 3 = 3lbs, etc. This is pure seed, not a live plant.

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Product Description

White Dutch Clover (Trifolium repent) is a perennial clover that originated in Europe. It is widely used as a ground cover and alternative to traditional bluegrass and/or fescue lawns. It is also highly palatable and nutritious for all classes of livestock and is commonly planted with orchardgrass, ryegrass, or tall fescue for pasture. It is also a choice food for deer and elk. It will fix nitrogen.

White Dutch Clover is considered a short clover and many homeowners include it in their lawn. It germinates and establishes fast, is dependable and persists. White dutch is the most popular clover seed for lawn alteratives. It grows vigorously in poor clay soil.

White Dutch Clover thrives best in a cool, moist climate in soils with ample lime, phosphate, and potash. In general, white clover is best adapted to clay and silt soils in humid and irrigated areas. It grows successfully on sandy soils with a high water table or irrigated droughty soils when adequately fertilized. White clover seldom roots deeper than 2 feet, which makes it adapted to shallow soils when adequate moisture is available.

Seeding rates vary with location and seeding method. In general, rates 1/4 – 1/2 lb per 1000 square feet or 8 to 10 lbs per acre are recommended. Seed no deeper than 1/4 inch.

This product is an excellent source of food and nectar for honey bees. See our Honey Bee Flower Mix for additional pollinator options.

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