Wolf Creek Sage & Mountain Shrub Seed Mix


Quantity is per pound. Example: 1 = 1 lb, 2 = 2 lbs, 3 = 3lbs, etc. This is pure seed, not a live plant.

Product Description

Wolf Creek Sage & Mountain Shrub Seed Mix

This specialty seed mix was formulated in cooperation with Wolf Creek ranch in Kamas, Utah. It is prescribed for the mountain cabin sites and parks in the upper provo river basin, greater Park City area and eastern side of the Wasatch Mountains. It is widely adapted to most of the high elevation mountain sagebrush steppe of Utah.

The species in this mix were selected by botanists and Great Basin Seed as species already naturally occurring and native to the area. The mix is designed to reclaim utilities easements, fence lines, septic systems, road cuts, etc. The mix is specifically designed for sagebrush open sidehills, ridge lines and areas of full exposure. For planting at the margins or within the aspen forests we recommend the Wolf Creek Aspen Community seed mix.

While the two mixes developed contain broadly applicable plants for Wolf Creek Ranch, the Sage and Mountain Shrub Mix is for relatively dry and warm sites and the Aspen Community Seed Mix is for relatively moist and cool. Not all species will grow in all microsite on the ranch, so look at the photos and distribution map provided, inventory your site and choose the mixes best suited to the application. The choice should be fairly intuitive, but if you need help, snap a few photos of the location in question, send them to us and give us a call. We will help you make the best selection.

The table below is a list of the mix items and percentages as recommended by the Wolf Creek Ranch HOA.

Recommended Seeding Rate: 15 pounds per acre (1 acre = 43,560 feet)
This mix has a minimum order quantity of 3 pounds. Estimated delivery time 3 days.


SpeciesScientific Name% in Mix
Utah ServiceberryAmelanchier utahensis7.0
Mountain Big SagebrushArtemisia tridentata var. vaseyana3.25
Douglas Yellow RabbitbrushChrysothamnus viscidiflorus3.5
Oregon GrapeMahonia repens3.0
Mountain SnowberrySymphoricarpus oreophilus5.0
Arrowleaf BalsamrootBalsamorhiza sagittata1.0
Sticky GeraniumGeranium viscosissimum0.5
Showy GoldeneyeHeliomeris multiflora1.0
Lewis Blue FlaxLinum lewisii1.0
Silvery LupineLupinus argenteus4.0
Wasatch PenstemonPenstemon cyananthus0.25
Rocky Mountain PenstemonPenstemon strictus1.50
Western WheatgrassAgropyron smithii20.00
California BromeBromus carinatus5.0
Mountain BromeBromus marginatus7.0
Tufted HairgrassDeschampsia cespitosa3.0
Slender WheatgrassElymus trachycaulus21.00
Prairie JunegrassKoeleria cristata3.0
MuttongrassPoa fendleriana3.0
Sandberg BluegrassPoa sandbergii7.0