Oklahoma erosion control

Wildfires are blazing their way through parts of western Oklahoma, and soon Oklahoma erosion control is going to be a number one priority. The Rhea fire and 34 Complex fires burned almost 350,000 acres combined (and counting). Oklahoma erosion control is a top priority for all types of land with heavy destruction in Oklahoma after these wildfires.

Wildfire containment for the Rhea and 34 Complex wildfires was aided by much needed rainfall. The moisture was more than what the region had seen in the past six months. Additional rain may cause other natural disasters with erosion on land that now doesn’t have the necessary vegetation to withstand waterflow. Great Basin Seeds can offer you the highest quality ready made seed mixes to protect your property from the unavoidable erosions and aftermath of fires.

With the fire nearly put out producers are trying to pick up the pieces and there are ways to help.

Munroes Globemallow, Sphaeralcia munroana
Munroes Globemallow on the Kolob Terrace Fire Complex, Zion National Park


Every geographic area in the country is served by a Natural Resources Conservation Service district (NRCS) or Farm Service Agency (FSA) office. They staff plant biologists, agronomists, soil scientists and a host of other trained professionals who can help you create a well rounded plan to reclaim your land after a fire. The USDA also has a Disaster Resource Center dedicated to preparing against and recovering from disasters, including fires.

The NRCS website has a webpage with offices broken down by state. We encourage you to reach out to them for boots-on-the-ground assistance. Once they help you formulate a plan and give seed recommendations give us a call. We can help you with the seed.

Seeding After a Fire

Three different relief efforts have been established and will deliver 100% of proceeds to victims of the wildfires to aid them in their time of need.


Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Foundation

Make checks payable to Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Foundation with “Fire Relief” in the memo line and mail to P.O. Box 82395, Oklahoma City, OK 73148. To donate online, visit www.okcattlemen.org.


Oklahoma Farming and Ranching Foundation

Make checks payable to the Oklahoma Farming and Ranching Foundation with “Wildfire Relief” in the memo line and mail to 2501 N. Stiles, Oklahoma City, OK 73105. To donate online, visit www.okfarmingandranchingfoundation.org.


Oklahoma Farmers Union Foundation

Make checks payable to Farmers Union Foundation, Inc., with “Wildfire Relief” in the memo line and mail to the attention of Wildfire Relief at P.O. Box 24000, Oklahoma City, OK 73124.


Donating Hay or Supplies

Local agents through the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service are helping facilitate donations of hay, feed, milk replacer and fencing supplies. The following phone numbers can be called to setup a donation through the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service:

  • (405) 590-0106
  • (405) 496-9329
  • (405) 397-7912


If you are seeking additional help for Oklahoma erosion control, please contact us.