Dear Friends,

We live in a blessed place, in a blessed time. The facts tell us that despite the hype on social media, doomsday news on the TV and Radio, incessant bickering and the catastrophic outlook that the “information machine” would have us believe, we live in a time greater freedom, greater prosperity and greater safety than any time in recorded history. Thats not to say that dangers don’t abound. They do. But I submit that we have many reasons to be thankful. There are good tidings of great joy all around us.

Great Basin Seed

The end of the year brings dreaded tax preparations, and I hate them more every year. :) But those preparations always give me pause to reflect on the kind of year its been. I’m always humbled by the list of faithful “old friends and customers” who have been with us year after year – some as far back as 1974. I’m also humbled by the growing list of “new friends and customers” who join us every year. I figure that if new list continues to become the old list then we are doing something right.

Because of you, 2015 was a good year! On behalf of Lloyd, Eric, Heidi, myself and the crew at Great Basin Seed, we wish you the best possible holiday season and a prosperous new year. May the seeds of whatever you put your heart into find purchase and blossom!


Jason Stevens
Owner, Great Basin Seed