Source Identified class is seed or other propagating materials collected from natural stands or produced in seed fields where no selection or testing of the parent population has been made. When seed is collected from a natural stand, the generation is G0. Source Identified seed verifies the origin and ecotype of a wild land seed collection site. When certification protocols are followed, the certification agency issues yellow certification tags. In Utah, that agency is the Utah Crop Improvement Association. 

Source Identified seed is available to those concerned with adaptability of native collected materials and gives the buyer the option to match the parent ecosystem with the new planting site. The yellow tags are third-party verification that the seed was collected from the source claimed by the vendor. Source Identified seed is an approved seed certification class through The Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA)

Source Identified Seed tag from Utah Crop Improvement Association
Source Identified Tag from Utah Crop Improvement Association for Basin Big Sagebrush