The following is a letter by owner Jason Stevens sent to Great Basin Seed customers on Monday March 16, 2020

Dear Friends,

COVID-19 has effected our daily routines unlike anything we have seen since 911. Mandates and cautionary measures are changing by the day, and many are struggling to keep up. These are strange and uncertain times.

We intend to follow the counsel of federal, state, local and ecclesiastical leaders. We are a small company and fall well under the 50-person threshold for group settings, but we are maintaining as much personal distance as we can, washing our hands frequently and are avoiding public spaces.

We also recognize that we are much more than product salesmen. As farmers, ranchers and members of the agriculture community we are stewards of the land. We are guardians of the well being of humanity. Everything we do has the ultimate end goal of feeding the people of the world. If crops are not sown, mouths are not fed. We take what we do very seriously. With that in mind, we are determined to keep our doors open and work diligently to take care of you. Orders will ship as long as we have breath. We only ask that you pay it forward. Be mindful of the fact that we are a big, interconnected family. We MUST look out for each other, especially the infirmed, the elderly, the weak and downtrodden.
Our sincere hope is that you, your families, loved ones, co-workers, fiends and associates are well. We implore our Father in Heaven to watch over and protect you. We have every confidence that we will emerge victorious and more united. Our sincere love and appreciation to all of you!

Be of good cheer,

Jason Stevens & the whole gang at Great Basin Seed