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Needle & Threadgrass "bails" after custom field collection in a native southern utah stand.


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Great Basin Seed has a proud heritage in the Intermountain West seed industry. Our family lineage and business heritage are directly linked to the beginnings of reclamation, revegetation and wildlife habitat improvement.


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Powell alfalfa is the workhorse of Haystack Mountain Brand alfalfa line. Powell alfalfa was selected for yield, persistence, nematode resistance and disease resistance so that it will produce even under adverse environmental pressures. It has is adapted throughout the Western, North Central and Eastern United States. It is proven and trusted and has a perfect 30/30 rating on the Wisconsin Rating Index.

Powell alfalfa demonstrates high multi-foliate expression resulting in superior forage quality. It is a great choice for commercial hay, beef and dairy producers.


Bacterial Wilt Highly Resistant (HR) 5*
Fusarium Wilt Highly Resistant (HR) 5*
Verticillium Wilt Highly Resistant (HR) 5*
Anthracnose-Race 1 Highly Resistant (HR) 5*
Phytophthora Root Rot Highly Resistant (HR) 5*
Aphanomyces-Race 1 Highly Resistant (HR) 5*
Wisconsin Disease Index 30 out of 30
Pea Aphid Resistant (R)
Stem Nematode Highly Resistant (HR)
N. Root Knot Nematode Highly Resistant (HR)

*Based on the Wisconsin Disease Rating Index. This is a 1 to 5 ranking with 5 being the best.


Fall Dormancy 3.0
Winter Survival 2.0 (Very Good)
Root Type Tap
Recovery After Cutting Fast

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