Aberace Micro Clover

  • Scientific name: Trifolium repens
  • A short, hardy micro clover
  • Widely used for lawn and ground cover
  • Comparatively maintenance free
  • Lower growing than White Dutch Clover

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Aberace Micro Clover (Trifolium repens) is a perennial micro clover used for ground cover. This dwarf white clover is an alternative to traditional bluegrass or fescue lawns, but can be mixed with either. Aberace micro clover has very small leaves and small blooms. With its short growth height it can be an alternative for a “no-mow” lawn, depending upon site climate and customer preferences. In fact, Aberace is lower growing and more dense than the compared White Dutch Clover.

A benefit of a clover lawn is that it fixes nitrogen. It prefers full sun. It can be mowed, and can even be mowed closer than a grass lawn, but mowing is not required. It is comparatively maintenance free.

Micro Clover is being used more often as an alternative to grass lawns.  It germinates and establishes fast, is dependable and persists. White dutch is the most popular clover seed for lawn alteratives. It grows vigorously in poor clay soil. Thrives best in a cool, moist climate in soils with ample lime, phosphate, and potash. In general, white clover is best adapted to clay and silt soils in humid and irrigated areas. It grows successfully on sandy soils with a high water table or irrigated droughty soils when adequately fertilized. White clover seldom roots deeper than 2 feet, which makes it adapted to shallow soils when adequate moisture is available.

Seeding Rate: Overseed into existing grass at 1 lb. per 1000 sq. ft. When seeded as a stand alone item seed at a rate of up to 4 lbs. per 1,000 sq ft. Adjust the seeding rate to your desired density.

Our Aberace Micro Clover is coated and inoculated.

AKA: Dwarf White Clover


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Plants have many different names, varieties, and scientific classifications. We've listed the most common below.

  • Micro Clover
  • White Dwarf Clover
  • Turf Clover
  • Trifolium repens

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