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Needle & Threadgrass "bails" after custom field collection in a native southern utah stand.


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Ladak II Alfalfa is specialized for use on rangeland and dryland pastures from the northern plains to the winterhardy intermountain areas of the west where rainfall is limited for extended periods of time. Ladak 2 alfalfa is the superior choice for dryland applications. It is commonly used in grass mixes improving improved pasture applications. Performs very well in harsh soils and adverse conditions. It is drought tolerant and has an edge over Ranger Alfalfa in arid conditions. It has a deep tap root. Demonstrates very good winter hardiness with a fall dormancy 3.

The original USDA public Ladak strain has long been a favorite of farmers and ranchers in the intermountain west for arid sites. Widely used at the Utah Great Basin Research Station in range seeding and by the BLM Boise Regional Seed Warehouse. The original strain was slow to recover between cuttings. Ladak II alfalfa is an improvement on the original strain, developed from plants selected out of a 27 year old stand in eastern Washington. Ladak II Alfalfa has the drought tolerance of Ladak with improved disease and nematode resistance for increased persistence and adaption to a wider range of soil conditions.

Our Certified Ladak 2 is an improvement on the original and is a stonger dryland performer than Ranger Alfalfa.

Disease / Insect / Nematode Rating
Bacterial WiltHighly Resistant (HR)
Fusarium WiltHighly Resistant (HR)
Verticillium WiltModerate Resistant (MR)
Anthracnose-Race 1Moderate Resistant (MR)
Phytophthora Root RotResistant (R)
Stem NematodeResistant (R)
N. Root Knot NematodeHighly Resistant (HR)
Fall Dormancy2
Winter Survival2.0 (Very Good)
Root TypeDeep Tap Root
Recovery After CuttingModerate

Ladak 2 Dryland Alfalfa can be added to our Dryland Pasture Mix or any mix of your choice. Call 435-283-1411 to discuss your project

Seed Count


Root Form:

Sun & Shade Tolerance:

Full sun OK

Minimum precipitation:

10 inches in drylands setting
Yield will improve under irrigation


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