Dryland Pasture Mix
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Dryland Pasture Seed Mix


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Dryland Pasture Seed Mix

Dryland Pasture Seed Mix

Dryland Pasture Seed Mix is designed for farm, ranch and range where no irrigation is present. It will grow on annual precipitation in most areas of the Great Basin, Snake River Basin and arid areas of the western US. It will survive on a minimum of 10″ annual rainfall. If some sprinkler or flood irrigation is present, yield will be improved. We have selected species that both grown and perform well in drought and provide good forage.

Our Dryland Pasture Mix provides excellent forage. In areas of 12+ inches of annual precipitation it can usually be cut and bailed once. In the fall and winter it can be used for pasture, making it an excellent dual-purpose product. It is adaptable, efficient and multi-purpose. Dryland Pasture Seed Mix is very effective for disturbed sites, restoration and weed control. It will compete well with weeds.

Best results are achieved when drilled, but broadcasting is the most common method of planting. The soil is best prepared with some sort of light disturbance such as a harrow. Preparation will vary from sit to site and will depend upon your equipment. The best planting time is late fall (September-October) when seed will lay dormant until spring. Early spring planting is also successful if conditions permit. As with all of our grass mixes, plant no deeper than 1/4″

Seeding Rate for Dryland Seed Pasture Mix: 16 lbs./acre drilled (1/4″ maximum depth) 20 lbs./acre broadcast

Our Dryland Pasture mix contains the following species:

  • Crested Wheatgrass
  • Orchardgrass, Paiute
  • Meadow Bromegrass
  • Dahurian Wildrye
  • Thickspike Wheatgrass
  • Alfalfa

This product has been a best seller for over 30 years and is still selling strong! This product comes standard in our Old Tyme Cotton bags! We can modify any of our mixes to your liking.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Seed Count

Approx. 145,000

Best Sow Time

Fall, Spring

Sowing Rate

16 Lb/Acre Drill, 20 Lb/Acre Broadcast

Sowing Depth

.25 inches maximum

Min. Precip.

10 inches

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