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Ranger Alfalfa

Ranger Alfalfa seed and plant description

Ranger alfalfa is a familiar variety to many ranchers and farmers and has been on the market for decades. Loved by many and considered “The Old Standby”, many farmers remember dad or grandpa planting this faithful, long lived variety.  It was developed by the Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station and USDA and released in 1942.

Ranger alfalfa is a good producing, tough, winter hardy alfalfa. It shows some resistance to bacterial wilt, but is susceptible to leaf spot diseases. It’s drought tolerance make it an excellent candidate for dry land plantings and pasture mixes. It recovers quickly after cutting, has plants that vary in habit of growth from semi- upright to upright.

Although it’s characteristics and usefulness have been outdone by newer, superior varieties it remains a strong seller and is requested over and over again. Once of it’s last remaining holds in the alfalfa market is that is that it is less expensive that other, better performing alfalfas. It still fills an important role in the alfalfa market.

Plant at 20 pounds per acre or if used in a grass mix adjust seeding percentages to meet your goals. Ranger alfalfa was used in our Dryland Pasture Mix for many years but has been replaced by Ladak 65 and Lander for their superior drought tolerance and overall better agronomic package.

This product has a minimum order quantity of 10 pounds.

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