Alpaca and Llama Pasture Seed

  • Species selected for Alpacas & Llamas
  • Well suited to grazing
  • Dense, soft leaves
  • Adapted to a broad geographic range

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Our Alpaca and Llama Pasture Seed is a blend of forage grasses that provide soft, lush pasture throughout the growing season. It can be cut for hay if adequate water is provided and grazing patters allow it.

Alpacas and Llamas are well suited to grazing. The species and varieties in this seed mix are soft  and leafy and contain low sugar to help reduce the digestive disorders common in camelids. This mix has been selected to reduce the stems common in other pasture mixes.

Alpaca and Llama Pasture Seed is adapted to a variety of soil types and climates in the Northern and Central United States. It will establish and persist in all but the coldest northern climates, the arid desert or the tropical south.  Water requirements for this mix are similar to our Irrigated Pasture Mix.

Recommended seeding rate per acre: 20 pounds

  • 35% Orchardgrass
  • 30% Meadow Brome
  • 20% Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 15% Timothy