Baltic Rush


Baltic Rush

  • Scientific name: Juncus articus
  • Wetlands perennial
  • Grass-like and rhizomatous
  • Most common rush in the Intermountain West
  • Good for soil stabilization and plant diversity
  • May fix atmospheric nitrogen

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Baltic Rush (Juncus balticus) is a wetlands grass-like rhizomatous. This grass is a common and widely occurring in the western, midwestern, and central America as a wetland perennial. The most common and widespread rush is in the Intermountain and Great Basin areas. It grows in typical habitats for wetlands including standing water to seasonally dry places usually below 7,000 ft elevation. This grass is considered poor for livestock but good for wetland restoration for soil stabilization and plant diversity. This native plant is best sowed in the Spring or Fall.

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Quick Plant Facts
Root Form


Zone Map


Min. Precipitation

7 Inches or more

Best SowingTime

Spring or Fall

Plant PDF File


Sowing Rate

1-2 PLS lbs. per Acre

Seed Count

6,000,000 seeds/lb.

Growth Height:

Plant Type:

Native or Introduced:


Max Sowing Depth:

Common Name:

Baltic Rush, mountain rush, valley rush, wire rush

Scientific Name:

Growth Season:

Sun & Shade Tolerance:

Part Sun, Very Shade Tolerant

Elevation of Occurance:

pH Tolerance: