Bandito II Intermediate Ryegrass

  • Scientific name: lolium hybridum
  • Rapid establishment
  • Short-lived perennial
  • Cool-season bunch grass
  • Used in mixes for overseeding
  • High protein levels
  • Excellent digestibility

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Product Description

Bandito II Intermediate Ryegrass (Lolium hybridum)

Bandito II Intermediate Ryegrass is short-lived perennial cool-season bunch grass. Used in mixes for overseeding warm-season grasses and for grazing or silage where some rapid establishment is needed. It has a wide range of varietal performance and characteristics, ranging from annual ryegrass in appearance to a wider leaf blade perennial ryegrass. Extreme care should be used in selecting a variety as results may vary.

Bandito II is a tetraploid variety and is endophyte free. We frequently use it as a fast establishing component of pasture mixes. Can also be used in pasture mixes as a companion to Annual Ryegrass

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