Lahontan Alfalfa

  • Scientific name: Medicago sativa
  • Recovers quickly after cutting
  • Loved and trusted by generations of farmers
  • Recommended for badlands, hardpan, poorly drained soils
  • Performs well in clay and higher pH soils
  • Excellent disease resistance
  • 10 pound minimum order quantity
  • Coated with Apex seed coating
  • Treated with QuickStart micro-nutrient package

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Map of Alfalfa Distribution Area
Alfalfa Distribution Area

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Lahontan Alfalfa is a long lived “old” variety know for it’s robust disease resistance. It thrives in tough conditions. In the intermountain west, we have seen wide success in poorly drained soils, hardpan, badlands with irrigation, flooding, or soils with high pH.

New and improved with Apex coating and Quickstart micronutrient treatment.

Lahontan Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) is a robust, long-lived and “old” variety of alfalfa that is very popular in the lowlands and badlands of the Intermountain West. It is upright and recovers well after cutting. The selling point of Lahontan when it was released is that is has high resistance to the spotted alfalfa aphid and is resistant to bacterial wilt. It is practically immune from the stem nematode, a parasitic eelworm that enters the young crown buds of alfalfa and causes them to distort and enlarge. Lahontan alfalfa has a very attractive resistance package.

Yields are roughly equal to the older strains of Ranger, but not as good as new certified Ranger II. Lahontan alfalfa has traits to recommend it in certain challenging growing conditions. In the Intermountain West we have seen wide success in poorly drained soils, hardpan, badlands with irrigation, flooded areas or soils with high pH. Most requests for Lahontan come from farmers who have used it over time and have found it to be reliable in badlands and poor soils. Those who use it swear by it and have an aversion to trying anything else in challenging conditions.

Lahontan Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) is produced in very small quantities. Great Basin Seed continues to offer this loved variety through dedicated growers in Utah who still produce the original strain. New in 2024 we are offering Lahontan coated with Apex and treated with Quickstart treatment for enhanced germination and stand establishment. FSG415BR is an excellent substitute and checks the same boxes. If Lahontan is out of stock, we confidently recommend 415BR.

Lahontan was developed by the Crops Research Division, Agricultural Research Service and U.S. Department of Agriculture in cooperation with the Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station. It was released in 1954.

Apex Seed Coating

Apex™ seed coating is a scientifically formulated package of minerals and carefully selected strains of rhizobia bacteria in a coating designed for legume seeds. Coating provides consistent ability to convert a higher percentage of legume seed to viable seedlings, as compared to uncoated seed. Apex surrounds each seed with a rich concentration of rhizobia, providing a micro-environment for quick growth. The hygroscopic qualities of the coating material pull moisture to the seed and are especially beneficial in dry soils and shallow planted seed.

Summit Seed Coating

QuickStart Micronutrients

QuickStart Micronutrient Package improves seedling growth by providing plants with small amounts of important nutrients right after germination – before the plant can easily access soil nutrients on its own. Enhanced early nutrition, more vigorous seedlings and bigger roots help the young crop grow through challenging early-season conditions such as cool and wet, or hot and dry environments. A treatment of QuickStart results in a more robust and healthy stand and greater yields for the grower.

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