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Scientific Name: Sphaeralcia munroana

Munro’s Globemallow seed and plant description:

Munro Globemallow (Sphaeralcia munroana) is a native, perennial for or “subshrub”. It grows in abundance in Utah, Nevada, Northern Arizona and the Four-Corners Area, but occurs across most of the western united states. It has been referenced as one of the “gems of the arid west” because of it’s ability to add aesthetic beauty and diversity to range landscapes. It is arguably the most widely distributed and frequently occurring of all the globemallows.

Munro’s Globemallow Habitat:

Munros Globemallow loves sandy, well-drained and gravely soils. It has a taproot, an open branching form and grows to 8 to 32 tall. It is typically found in association with sagebrush on desert plains to low mountain slopes. Munro’s globemallow is adapted to dry areas with open exposure. It is often found growing in rocky, sandy soil but also grows well in heavy clay. Annual precipitation requirements range from 6 to 15 in.

Munro’s Globemallow Uses:

Munro’s Globemallow is a great ornamental. It is is hardy to Zone 4 and is recommended for rock gardens, banks, desert shrub areas, and along driveways and walkways. In it’s natural habitat, globe mallow is known to appear seemingly out of nowhere in orange flower blankets that cover dozens of square miles. See the photos associated with this product. It is common along roadsides in the desert southwest.

As a pollinatorMunro’s globemallow attracts many species of bees, a few of which are specialists, requiring pollen and nectar only from Sphaeralcea and related genera.

Munroes Globemallow is a frequent ingredient in reclamation and erosion control mixes. It establishes will even in harsh conditions, and thrives in disturbed sites.

The genus name Sphaeralcea is from the Greek word “spharia” which is a globe (referring to the spherical fruits) and the Latin word “alcea” which means a kind of mallow.

Synonyms: Orange Globemallow, Whitestem Globemallow


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