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Needle & Threadgrass "bails" after custom field collection in a native southern utah stand.


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Sundancer Buffalograss is arguably the most advanced turf-type Buffalograss available. Sundancer is a new variety that variety fills the demand for a warm season turf with accelerated establishment and superior turf from seed. It is widely adapted and has proven itself as a premium turf type, suited to a variety of diverse environments.  It is highly sought after for residential lawns, commercial sites, parks and recreation areas, golf courses, medians, or anywhere an attractive low maintenance turf is required.

Buffalograss is a fine-leaved, native, sod-forming, warm-season, perennial. It is the dominant species on the short-grass region of the central Great Plains. It spreads rapidly by surface runners and forms a dense, matted turf. As a result, it is great for lawns and turf. There are many varieties. Some, like Sundancer, are developed and selected for their value as a turf and sod grass. Others varieties, like Texoka, are bred and selected for their forage value.

Growth begins in mid spring and continues through the summer. Sowing times should replicate this natural cycle as much as possible. We encourage customers to resist planting too early. Sowing should follow the natural life cycle of the plant as much as possible. Buffalograss is a warm season grass and naturally begins growth in the months of June and July. Attempts to seed early and force it up with water are generally not as successful as waiting until the natural life cycle of the plant begins. Sow June through July for best results.

In a three year trial at locations in AZ, CO, KS, NE, NM, UT, VA, and WA; Sundancer Bufflograss ranked first in all categories. Side by side comparisons with other commercially available varieties showed Sundancer a step above the rest in:

  • Faster establishment from seed (comparable to KY Bluegrass)
  • Lush, dark green color
  • Insect & disease resistance
  • Rapid early spring green-up & fall color retention
  • Better density and fine leaf texture
  • Broad adaption
  • Shorter plant height

Sundancer Buffalograss is an improvement over older varieties but retains the core low maintenance characteristics that make Buffalograss desirable:

  • Extreme drought tolerance
  • Low water & nitrogen requirements
  • Winter hardiness
  • Laterally spreads by stolons
  • Low growth habit

Sundancer Buffalograss should be planted in locations receiving at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight each day. Clay based or heavy soils are preferred. Sandy soils may require amendments to aid establishment. We generally do not recommend buffalo grass over 6,000′ as results may vary or be less than satisfactory.

Recommended seeding rate is 4-5 bulk pounds per 1,000 sq. ft. It is frequently recommended at a lower rate by various vendors, but it has been our experience that a higher rate yields a much better, more dense stand and reduces the likelihood of inter seeding after initial establishment.