Desert Bitterbrush

  • Scientific name: Purshia glandulosa
  • Hybrid of Cliffrose and Antelope Bitterbrush
  • Grows in the southwest, Mojave & Sonoran deserts
  • Long-lived and very drought tolerant
  • Persists on difficult sites.
  • Found in Utah, Nevada, California and Arizona

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Desert Bitterbrush (Purshia glandulosa) is a hybrid of Cliffrose and Antelope Bitterbrush that grows in the arid regions of the desert southwest, Mojave & Sonoran steppes. It averages 2-7 feet tall. It is a long-lived drought tolerant shrub and establishes and persists on difficult sites.

It is found in Utah, Nevada, California and Arizona.

Quick Plant Facts
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Antelope Bitterbrush

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Full Shade Intolerant

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