With so many alfalfa varieties available it can be hard to know what to use. Finding the perfect variety for your land is important in the success of your crop, and getting the most for your money. Great Basin Seed Alfalfa

The following list can help you compare and contrast the alfalfas we carry, and maybe you will find something new or even better than you have used on your land previously.

Haystack Mountain Lander Alfalfa

  • Our most popular alfalfa

    Lander Alfalfa
    Lander Alfalfa
  • Excellent choice for the Intermountain West
  • Excels in semi-dryland or irrigated
  • Persists in challenging soil conditions
  • Well adapted to harsh weather
  • Excellent winter survival
  • Resistant to stem nematodes and verticillium wilt
  • Fall Dormancy : 3.5


  • The “Old Standby”
  • Good for dryland planting
  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Adapted to variable soil conditions
  • Winterhardy and persistent
  • Well know, proven variety

Ranger II

  • Developed directly from Ranger for use under irrigated and dryland conditions
  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Adapted to a wider range of soil conditions
  • Winterhardy and persistent
  • Improved disease resistance for longer persistence
  • Superior forage yield when compared to Ranger
  • Certified seed production


Lander Alfalfa near Ephraim, UT
Lander Alfalfa
  • Recovers quickly after cutting
  • Generally produces lower yields than other varieties
  • First-come, first served
  • High resistance to the spotted alfalfa aphid
  • Resistant to bacterial wilt
  • Practically immune from the stem nematode
  • Yields are roughly equal to the “old” Ranger, but not as good as the new certified Ranger I

Ladak II

  • Developed directly from Ladak
  • Top dryland performer
  • Better drought tolerance than Ranger
  • Adapted to variable soil conditions
  • Very winterhardy and persistent
  • Excellent choice for inclusion in dryland pasture mix
  • Superior forage yield when compared to Ladak
  • Certified Seed

Salt Tolerant FSG 423ST


  • Higher forage production under saline soil conditions
  • Fine stemmed with superior forage quality
  • Excellent persistence and winterhardiness
  • High resistance to stem and northern root knot nematodes
  • Widely adapted
  • Fall Dormancy: 4
  • Winter Survival: 2.0 (Excellent)
  • Recovery after cutting: Fast

Salt Tolerant FSG 639ST

  • Produces quality forage under slightly saline water and soil conditions
  • Outstanding forage production
  • Fine stemmed, excellent forage quality
  • Spring frost tolerance
  • High resistance to stem and northern root knot nematodes
  • Fall Dormancy: 6 (Semi-dormant)
  • Winter Survival: 3.0 (Good)
  • Recovery after cutting: Very Fast


Falcata Alfalfa
Falcata Alfalfa
  • Demonstrates superior drought resistance over alfalfa
  • Winter-hardy and tolerates pH up to 8.5
  • Nitrogen-fixing rangeland legume
  • Persistent in harsh, competitive grazing applications
  • Should not be grazed until the second year


  • Dual purpose alfalfa – hay or graze
  • Wide, deep-set crowns
  • Stands up to wheel traffic pressure
  • High yield potential
  • Superior winterhardiness and persistence


  • Great choice for commercial hay, beef and dairy producers
  • High multifoliate leaf expression
  • Excellent forage yield potential and quality
  • High resistance to stem and northern root knot nematodes
  • Perfect 30/30 Wisconsin DRI rating
  • Persistent
  • Widely adapted, tried, trusted


Persist III Alfalfa, persist 3 Alfalfa

  • Budget friendly
  • Deep rooted and drought tolerant
  • Adapts to well drained, deep soils with a pH range of 5.5-6.5
  • One of the older alfalfa varieties available
  • Goes fully dormant in late fall; awakes again late spring
  • Best suited to northern climates
  • Moderate yield potential and persists about as long as other varieties

Rancher Special

  • Our most economic alternative to high-end alfalfas
  • Same quality, coating and treatment standards
  • Suited to a variety of situations
  • Widely adapted

428 RR Roundup Ready Alfalfa

  • Genuity Roundup Ready®
  • Lets you produce cleaner, higher quality alfalfa for greater profit potential
  • Unsurpassed weed control
  • Great forage yield potential
  • Superior forage quality
  • High multifoliate leaf expression
  • Germination salt tolerance
  • Excellent winterhardiness and persistence
  • Perfect 30 out of 30 on the Wisconsin Disease Rating Index
  • Incorporates genetic resistance to the herbicide glyphosate (Roundup, Touchdown, Glyphomax, etc.) into the alfalfa plant